[PS4] Four contract series I'd like to present

(.___.)/ Hello I’m SODANK, otherwise known as Fendisteel on PS4

Forgive me if there’s an unwritten rule about not plugging contracts you’ve made on this site, but I’m wanting to get some feedback on some contracts I’ve made of late.

I present four little “Series” I’m looking to expand upon with the hope of making contracts that encourage brute force action over the more slow and perfectionist approach of the base game (Aside from one of the four series, will get into that shortly). Understandably this betrays how the game and scoring system is designed, but I wanted to make these not for silent assassin gameplay, but for a more destructive and violent experience, with room for competition with as many optional complications as I could add.

In short, these are sorta designed to be casual, straightforward and not incredibly complex assassination jobs that aren’t meant to be ran with the intent to get silent assassin (Again, with the exception of one series). And now I don’t mean that as a boast that I’ve made some impossible contract that you’ll never get silent assassin on. I will however extend the challenge in good faith so I can ask the question “How?” And learn more about the game engine and how to manipulate the A.I. That way I can take this information with me when trying to make new contracts that aren’t meant to be completed with silent assassin rating, and instead encourage more aggressive and violent action.

My series go as follow

Bombing Run - Contracts that are focused on eliminating targets with explosives. Typically a cluster of targets, or a single NPC in a pack of non-targets. Preferred method of taking out targets will be with explosive devices while wearing your suit.

Marksman - Contracts all about using vantage points for some simple and vanilla sniper rifle action. Preferred method of taking out targets will of course be with a sniper rifle of your choosing while wearing your suit.

Ultraviolence - A series about hitting targets surrounded by witnesses and guards and getting into shootouts as you try and escape.

Ruthless - A series that is intended for players to get SA rating on that involves eliminating five targets that to are all to be killed with specific, yet brutally simple methods such as with a shotgun, knife, snapped neck, etc etc. These contracts are also intended to be completed wearing your suit, but players will be allowed to change outfits if they so desire. Any contract in this series will have a SA rating from me on the leaderboards as proof that i designed them to be clean and SA possible. That said, all complications added will be optional to all players of any skill level to enjoy and be imperfect with.

Preferred method of elimination will be with weapons like assault rifles and shotguns, give you a chance to put those ICA weapons to use.

Now without further ado, the contracts themselves

Bombing Run

Bombing Run: Scapegoat

Location: Marrakesh
ID: 2-07-6972284-60

Bombing Run: Excessive Force

Location: Miami
ID: 2-11-0718073

Bombing Run: Economic Boom

Location: New York
ID: 2-24-9173087-60

Bombing Run: Martyrdom

Location: Bangkok
ID: 2-16-901-0814-60


Marksman: Silenced Criticism

Location: Marrakesh
ID: 2-06-4575141-60

Marksman: Dinner at 2, Show at 3

Location: Sapienza
ID: 2-03-9371346-60

Marksman: Spectator Sport

Location: Miami
ID: 2-11-6109638-60


Ultraviolence: White Collar Mafia

Location: Paris
ID: 2-02-7934578-60


Ruthless: Dressed to Kill

Location: Paris
ID: 2-02-1549371-60

Ruthless: Sore Loser

Location: Miami
ID: 2-11-3435318-60

Hope people give them a look! And just as a reminder, these are for PS4 players.

Also as an added bonus, i took the time to write out briefings for each contract to give them some context behind the job. While it’s senseless killing, i wanted to give something of a backstory. So! Check out the briefing if you want a little bit of immersion to go along with the senseless killing.

There is not a single contract that can’t be completed SA.

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I won’t argue with that, I’m not really that deep into creating contracts just. Im very much a noob when it comes to it and I do not doubt for a second there’s a legendary player out there that can find the flaws in my stuff and SA it flawlessly

From that i wanna learn and hear about their experiences. I’m merely trying to state that for the three of the four series i try to make them as loud and sloppy as i can just for the fun of it, just for the mission to roleplay some brutal and violent assassin that has no concern for collateral or witnesses.

Consider reposting your thread in this topic: https://www.hitmanforum.com/t/hitman-2-contracts-from-hmf-members/


There is if you require a non-target’s disguise for a kill but they put no KOs allowed for you to get it :wink:
(Unless you mean getting SA but without the objectives complete)

And yeah, like solder said, the Contracts thread is where posters and players go for contracts to play



Thank you very much! Sorry, i should had looked harder for a proper thread to post this kind of content.