PS4 Game crashes upon starting "The Icon" mission



I have tried starting “The Icon” mission and it keeps crashing whilst loading the mission after selecting play.

This is on the Playstation 4 version, has anyone had a similar problem at all.

Below in stages I’ll explain what happens.

Select destination Sapienza
Select The Icon mission
Watch mission briefing
View Objectives, Plan and select Play button
Mission starts loading
Game crashes after a minute or so on mid loading screen

Not sure if an error code is provided (will double check once home. but the ps4 does show a notification and option to report the problem.

Many thanks in advanced for any advice at all


PS4 Bangkok mission Crashing problem

Getting the same thing. Running on ps4 PRO, sys. ver. 4.07, game ver. 1.23
Error code: CE-34878-0
Would be good to get a fix asap.


Let us know if you find a fix. sucks when things like this happen. a real shame.


Same here. I also have latest version of system and game.


I am also experiencing the same problem, and it happens on Landslide as well.

Latest version of the game, it always crashes at 75% loaded. I am playing on the disc version, and it crashes on contracts and escalations as well.


Same here, latest version game and PS4, digital version.
It sucks


I purchased the game back in 2016’s summer with the Season pass, I have still the same issue as you guys whenever I try to launch the Sapienza mission “World of Tomorrow” on PS4. The game allows you to watch the briefing and also plan for the mission but when you press play, at the end of the loading a blue screen appears (crash) with error code ( CE-34878-0 ).
Can anyone please help !?
Still hyped to play it as if it is still new even after getting caught up with college life :frowning:


Same problem on all the bonus missions