PS4 Ghost Mode Tournament


Hi, everybody.

I’m going to start a tournament for Ghost Mode on PS4.

There’s 16 places available. The first 16 people to put their name down will reserve a place.
I’m going to take part, which leaves 15 available places.

1st Round: 16 Competitors
Quarter-finals: 8 Competitors
Semi-finals: 4 Competitors
Final: 2 Competitors

The Rules:

  1. Any disconnects will result in an immediate victory for the other person, unless the score is 0-0. If the score is 0-0, then the match can be restarted.

  2. The tournament will begin one week (7 days) after the final names, and number, of competitors has been confirmed.

  3. During the one week (7 day) preparation period, pairs of competitors must agree a match time, whilst ensuring that there’s no confusion over time zones.

  4. Once the tournament has begun, pairs that take longer than one week (7 days) to complete their match will automatically be disqualified.

  5. A screenshot of the match result must be posted by the winner. If the winner fails to take a screenshot, then they are at the mercy of their competitor to confirm that they won. Match videos are welcome. Live YouTube or Twitch streams are strongly encouraged.

If anybody has any suggestions for improvements to these rules, then please post a comment. :grin:


I’m down. PSN: Try-again-later


Go on then, PSN: doom-generation


Guess ill enter



There’s no way I’m missing this

PSN: Ibbzz040 has a good tournament bracket generator you can use.
What it would look like

more images


Sounds fun! My PSN ID: vm356jo3


Suggestion: the two losers from the semi’s should play a 3rd place play off to determine the top 3.


I nominate @White-Half to play and win this tourney!!


I’m in PSN: Pthumeria
I’m on UK time just fyi


I’d be up to participate in this.

PSN ID: Teen-ey


That’s 8 competitors so far, with a nomination for a 9th.


I’ll give this a few more days. If we don’t reach 16 competitors then we’ll have a mini tournament.


It’s not a big issue but a player automatically proceed to a second round if we don’t have a tournament of 2, 4, 8 or 16 players. Otherwise 1 or more player would not get a chance to play in the first round.
Like if there’s 13 players then it would look like this


Some players would just automatically proceeds to the second round and play against the winner of the first round. It’s not a big issue, you can make a the players advancing to round 2 random, that’s just how it would work, so everyone knows. It will still play out the same way at the end


I’m really good in Ghost Mode (I could get 5 points within 5 min.) but I can’t join this tournament cause my PS plus membership ends on Valentine Day lol


Excuses. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not gonna lie, and no disrespect to anyone else who has put their name forward, but White was the one I was most focused on playing against :joy:. Bro, can we PayPal you the money for your ps+ or something? Won’t be the same without you!

No, for real though.


I’ve seen some of his GM clips and i think he should for sure be in the tournament.

It’s $8.1 for 1 month. I can help with some $ if anyone wants to split 2-3 way :+1:

White-half Post your paypal here or send a pm if you want to


I’m in.



@Ibbe040, Where’d you find the pricing info?


I think that I suck, but it is all good fun. I am in

PSN: Mental_Disabler

I am available Friday afternoon, Saturday after about 5PM and Sundays
Eastern Standard Time