PS4. Have HM2 Gold, HM1 Complete S1(E1~6). Can't upgrade to GOTY


PS4. Have HM2 Gold, HM1 Complete S1(E1~6). Can’t upgrade to GOTY, Can’t get legacy pack for HM2. HM2 only gave me Aluminum Briefcase.
When try to upgrade to GOTY, store says it is not available.
PSN ID is Korea store. Can’t buy S1 rest episodes individually neither.
Seems like Korea store doesn’t have GOTY upgrade or GOTY itself, but only Definitive edition. Is this intended or error? I don’t want to buy full game again which I already have.
What should I do?


Did you try to upgrade to goty from the store tab in the Hitman 2016 main menu?


Yes. Here’s error msg screenshot.


If your region doesn’t have the goty upgrade then it’s impossible to upgrade it. Very unfortunate.

I dont know if you can do this, you might have to do some research on google first.
Look up if you can change your region to a region where the goty upgrade is available in the psn store and download it from there. Im not sure if thats gonna work so research beforehand.

If that doesn’t work then it’ll be smarter for you to buy the goty legacy pack instead of the definitive edition.
Good luck


It’s showing up on the Korean store for me

Maybe you have to log into the playstation store on your computer and get it there? The link to it in the game might be broken for some reason


Nope! that’s HM2 legacy pack upgrade. Not HM1 GOTY upgrade. :disappointed:


Ohh sorry, my bad