[PS4] Hitman 2 GOTY legacy problem

I own both Hitman 1 - Standard(from free PS Plus) and Hitman 1- definitive version (Physical).
My H1-Definitive disc does not come from the same region as I live in.
I also own Hitman 2 - Gold Edition.

I tried downloading the GOTY legacy pack from the store inside H1-definitive, but there is no response. When i searched directly in ps store, it says i cannot the download the pack because I already own Hitman 2 - Legacy pack and I do not own Hitman 2 - Standard.

I have no problems downloading the standard legacy pack, but I would like to download the GOTY version to also play with the sarajevo Six and patient zero campaign in Hitman 2.

Hello Vizolus.

I have never heard of any case like you who tried to redeem digital contents with a physical version of the game from a different region. But I assume your game was trying to redirect to PS store contents of its region instead of yours, hence it showed nothing.

One thing I am sure though is that the Sarajevo Six campaign is only available on H2016 for PS4. The said content was a one-time business deal with Sony, so no one, not even PS4 players, can play it on H2.