PS4 Hitman Blood Money HD Terrible Control

I just recently bought this Hitman HD Enhanced Collection on PS STORE UK for 19.99£
I’ve never play Hitman Absolution so it’s new experience for me and I enjoyed it so much
but I’d play Hitman Blood Money on PS2 long time ago(hahahah) I remember playing it so many times but now I play it again on PS4 and holy hell!!! The control is tortured me! It so annoying and confused I can’t stand it one bit so I have to took off and play Absolution instead
The terrible control screw my childhood.


Seriously? THIS is your first post on the forum? Dude. This isn’t a place for you to just rag on something you don’t like. What do you expect us to do about it?

Its a good place to rag about stuff


Why? He can write what he wants unless he’s hostile towards members of the forum.

And he is right. Blood Money’s controls ARE terrible on console.
I am currently holding off on buying the HD Collection because I own Absolution and Blood Money for 360 and PC and if I want to play the game I’ll just hook my PC up to my TV using the Steam Controller.

Better graphics, better controls. Win-win.

Phew, that was tmi


Seriously? I reckon the Blood Money controls are fine (I’m on PS). They’re not as smooth as the more recent games but that’s to be expected.

Complaining about it won’t exactly make it better so I don’t really see the point but… whatever, I guess.

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Yeah, but you can spin 47 round on the spot without him moving his legs, so…

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On Xbox the controls for pre-Absolution games take a lot of getting used to as well for me, seeing how I used to play those on PC.

Contracts is the worst for me because instead of a separate run button, you have to sort of calibrate the little joystick between two speeds and it’s very finicky.

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Hey guys no digging plz

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My experience is with PS3 Hitman HD collection, but I thought Blood Money controlled fine. Actually I thought it was a huge improvement from Contracts. Now that’s a game that would’ve been my favorite in the series if not for the skating rink controls.

The controls definitely didn’t age well, but that’s the way the games were intended to be played. It’s like Capcom changing the controls for the remastered Dead Rising 1 for consoles. It would lose its charm and feel so personally I’m glad they kept it the same.

@Caligula_Perseus where did you find those videos to upload? I am curious.