Ps4 Hitman Legacy Pack How to get Patient Zero

I have the Hitman Legacy Pack on my PS4. However, I have trouble getting the patient zero. I keep getting the following error.

Do I need to buy the GOTY separately?

You have to buy GOTY Legacy Pack

You need to purschase the GOTY Legacy Upgrade that lets you upgrade from Legacy Pack to GOTY Legacy Pack. The upgrade will grant you;

  • Patient Zero
  • 3 GOTY Escalations
  • 3 GOTY suits

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Players who have redeemed the HITMAN Legacy Pack can also purchase the “GOTY Legacy Upgrade” for $10.00 USD, which will upgrade their Legacy Pack to the GOTY Legacy Pack. See below for the exact contents of the Legacy Pack.

No bro. He already has Legacy Pack m. You can just upgrade to GOTY Legacy for $10.

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This is what I did:

-I have the complete edition of Hitman 2016, so Patient Zero was not included.

-I bought the goty edition upgrade for Hitman 2016 from the PS Store for $5, which unlocked Patient Zero for Hitman 2016 but not for Hitman 2 legacy pack.

-I simply deleted both games and redownloaded. Everything was properly installed/unlocked and all my progress was intact.

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So I kind of figure out. Yesterday I bought the GOTY Intro pack upgrade and it let me installed the patient zero.