(PS4) No Aluminum Briefcase?

I played Season 1 and downloaded all the Legacy Pack (the regular one, not the GOTY version). I got the Requiem Pack, the Black Winter Suit and the ET coin (ICA Superior Performance Coin) however, I didn’t get the Aluminum Travel Briefcase.

Is there something I have to do or buy to get it?

If it would help, I haven’t bought Hitman 2 content yet, I only have Legacy maps.


The Aluminium Travel Briefcase isn’t DLC, when you boot up HITMAN™ 2 for the first time, it will give you the briefcase, along with the Legacy Pack rewards

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Must be a bug, I play on PS4 and installed both the free prologue and the Legacy levels, and I got all the normal rewards as I should. For whatever reason this wasn’t the case with you. There’s no other way to get the aluminum briefcase.

I suggest you report your issue here or get in touch with WB support here, if you haven’t done already.

I play on Steam and the same happened to me, I got the winter suit, all legacy maps and requiem pack but no briefcase.

I got it all, alter purcahsed GOTY legacy upgrade and lost absolution suit -_-

@LaLaLa, @lrob We found a group of people for whom the data used for the Hitman rewards was incomplete.
Could you check now and tell me if you got the item ?

If you still don’t, please send me your PSN OnlineId and Steam 64bit id (you can also just send your steam profile URL).


Thanks for the heads up. Just checked it now but haven’t received it yet.

Psn Id: SetsunaLance

Thanks, that helped a lot !

Actually there is a general issue on that reward with the current server build, we will fix it in one of our next deployment. I think it should make it to the production servers within a week.
I can confirm your item is ready to be awarded at least.


fantastic thank you (:

Thank you so much!!!

Still haven’t

still nothing for me PSN: DDepersis91
can you check for me? :slight_smile:

Still nothing for me on PC, My steam profile URL is: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Idunno55/
hope i can get it loved Hitman.

Still not briefcase :frowning:

I don’t have the briefcase or the coins
PSN: BagelSauce_

I don’t get the aluminum briefcase too,here’s my steam profile

Hi, I’m having a similar issue on steam. I own hitman 1 gold edition, have all the suits and other items (which are great) but no briefcase.

My steam ID is: Groove

Same issue PSN: whisperzone
no coin or briefcase

I also havent gotten the Briefcase or the Coins. Here is my Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dramarc/
I maybe only play the demo, but I already played through Hitman 1 and will get the game soon! :smiley:

I’m on Xbox and never got this either gamer tag animus expert