PS5 Disc to PS4 VR

Hi all

Sorry to bother you but I wonder if anyone had the same issue and resolved it?

My son has the PS5 Disc version and wants to play the VR. He’s redeemed his VR code but when he goes to select the PS4 version from the PS5 home screen, it has a padlock next to it. If you click on the game, it takes you to the stores to purchase it.

Could anyone help at all please?

Thank you

See it you get a 0 of price when you trying to buy the bundle.
If that’s the case, buy it. I believe it will solve the issue.
I don’t have any console myself, but on a PC we have this exact situation, but when people trying to buy the DLC, it gives a price of 0 in the checkout, they buying it and solving their access issues.
You may try at least

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Thanks very much for replying Count.Rushmore

Unfortunately, it is at full price if attempted to purchase.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having similar issues too

  1. Install ps5 hitman 3 version

  2. Go online

  3. After unable to redeem code on hitman 3 ps5 menu

Go ps5 psn store redeem it

  1. You get ps4 vr running on ps5