Purist difficulty! Please add it to H2016, H2, H3

I recently found out that playing Purist difficulty is almost extremely fun in Absolution.
Having purist difficulty in H2016, H2 and H3 would be utmost extremely fun!
(By purist I mean: NPCs shooting is very fatal; they are extremely alerted and aware of you if you miss the target, or run fast in their vicinity…etc)
I loved playing Rambo style in H2016 and H2, but playing it in Absolution in purist difficulty is virtually impossible. So even if you go Rambo on their butts, you still have to plan and be stealthy. That’s what I love about this purist mode.
Please add it to Hitman new trilogy! At least one by one if not possible all at once.

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Purist difficulty in Absolution offered an interesting way of playing for the passionate gamers in thirst of a new and harder challenge.

However Master Difficulty is good and hard enough for the new installments of the franchise, as it allows a broader audience to play without being too restrictive in terms of gameplay :+1:

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Sorry I have to disagree:
First of all, Professional difficulty in H2016 is much harder than Master difficulty in H2 (Try playing Colorado mission in both apps to compare them and you’ll see what I mean)
And I am used to Professional difficulty in H2016 and I’ve played it a lot, old missions with guerilla way of fighting.
When I approached Purist difficulty in Absolution, it was another level alltogether. It was like steping up 2-3 steps up in difficulty. Trust me, I’ve played a lot Prof difficulty in 2016 and Master difficulty in H2, it’s like a walk in a park comparing to Purist.
(Few other things in Purist: you don’t have a quick map in bottom of the screen and no detective mode so you have no idea where the enemy is! How cool is that)

That’s what i meant. Purist difficulty is way too hard to appeal a general audience in the new HITMAN games compared to the Master Mode: lots of people would avoid playing it.

You know you already have the option to turn those off in the Gameplay Settings, right?


As @scat1620 said, if you want the ultimate challenge, you still have the option. As a suggestion, try playing in master difficulty mode, turn off the minimap, instinct, and NPC icons (so you won’t know when an NPC is an enforcer).


I didn’t mean instead of Master, but as an additional mode.
As for those suggestions of turning off instinct etc, the main thing is the alertness and excellent AI of NPCs. Way harder than Master and even than Professional. Examples:

  • I am hidden, I shoot the guard with silenced pistol, and the guard that was standing few meters from him, with his back turned, suddenly turns to me and starts shooting! That’s awesome!
  • When I alert them, they keep on searching for me thoroughly. Even other guards from other parts of the map join them! In H2106 and H2, guards are alerted a bit, then forget all about me.