Purist Mode. A Great Idea for Hitman 3

I really liked that in Hitman 2 a higher difficulty was added, compared to that of Hitman 2016.
So I started to fantasize about the possibility that an even bigger challenge could be added to Hitman 3.
That’s how I thought a hypothetical Purist Mode might present itself.

-Total HUD and Instinct are disabled.
-Unlimited saves, but only one slot.
-Autosave is disabled
-You can’t save if you’re in a hostile area, in combat, or wanted
-If the mission fails, the save file will be deleted
-NPCs can see twice as far away
-Running, Hidding and Kneeling will attract NPC’s attention


It’s a good idea for personal restrictions. You can switch off Instinct, HUD, autosaves in settings.

The rest of the rules are up to you - no crouching, no manual saves in hostile zones, etc.

No need to make it a separate difficulty. Master at least has additional cameras.

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Of course, all this is already possible.
But creating a difficulty where you are forced to follow these rules can make the difference between a noob and a pro in terms of goals, points and unlockable objects.

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Maybe have instinct but only for items, as the people side of instinct is OP, but items can be difficult to spot sometimes. Wish instinct customisation was an option in-game tbh

Also some of my suggestions are: guards immediately gun you down after seeing you in a hostile area, some trespassing areas become hostile areas, no people shown on minimap, target isn’t tagged on the map, more items become suspicious or illegal, you lose SA if someone hears a gunshot.

What if the minimap is disabled too? B-)