Purple Duck help

If the device is personal, than the user must be the admin of all things.
I’m not talking about work devices, so usually the user is the admin for his own laptops, PCs, tablets, phones etc

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Not everyone is using their personal device for things is what I’m saying.

Not really, gives the game a ton of exposure on Twitch, the viewing numbers have been way above normal, benefitting both those who stream hitman, and IOI.


I agree somewhat.

IO has made a point to get almost everything unlockable within H3/WoA (other than the loyalty rewards like the aluminum briefcase, ET coins etc) over the last few years, and now they’re taking a step backwards on that front.

Kinda makes that previous effort redundant now. Unless they’re going to get added in later and obtaining it via the drops is just early access.


Not a fan of time-limited content in general. Using FOMO is not a good look, I think. Of course I understand that boosting streams is basically free promo for the game, and I’m all for that in theory, I just don’t like the execution (as in, time-limited content).

No, it’s not that hard to create an account if you really didn’t have one before, link it to your IOI account, and watch or lurk for an hour, and you’re not missing out on game-changing stuff if you’re too late, but still. It’s unnecessary. I hope they’ll make them available later for those who bought the game after the drops went live.


I dont do twitch so: what does it do?? Just remote explosive?

Yes, it’s a reskin of a normal remote explosive duck.


The purple suit would have been nice though. Oh well…

It comes with purple shoes though. :joy:

You can still get it. Just find someone where there is a level of trust between the two of you that will let you link your platform account to their IO account. It will cause the suit to get sent through to your game profile and will stay there once unlinked.

Theres no such person and i think there was a time limit.

Ill get over it…

It’s still going until the end of march

Too much hoops to jump through, id rather knock out 10 civilians with a lead pipe without getting spotted disguised as the red plumber :rofl:

The ducky duck, but not the suity suit.
I think he missed on that one


I skipped Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. I was thinking buying Hitman 3 when it came out. I remember i was so discouraged at first buying the game. Because i was like. Oh, there is so much limited shit that ive missed, is even worth it right now? I end up buying the game when it become “World of Assassination” my point is, for new people looking at this, it’s discouraging.


Well that sucky sucks! :rofl:

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You damn righty right


Does the hour start over when you get hit with ads?

No it should still make progress

That’s good. Would’ve definitely sucked if video ads reset the hour. Then nobody would’ve been able to get the duck.

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