Putting the micro taser in the mailbox in Whittleton Creek - any other such opportunities in the trilogy?

The micro taser basically works like an electrocution phone on Cassidy if you do that. Are there any other such opportunities in any of the levels across the 3 games where you can make the target pick up the micro taser?

Usually when things are designated as ‘micro’ they aren’t generally noticed by NPCs. There is the micro audio device. It can go unnoticed, until you activate it. Then it will be picked up.

I think they can also work similarly to coins in where you throw them… But they will not be seen, only heard (for) where they land.

As for picking it up… Maybe it if were placed in a briefcase, and the briefcase left somewhere it’d be seen. Then they pick that up.

Edit: To answer your question. No, I don’t think so. Cassidy only (obtained) the micro-taser because it was placed in the mailbox, and the flag goes up (in this game) which triggers whichever NPC to go to their mailbox and take whatever’s in there - out.

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Sorry if my post wasn’t clear, but I’m specifically talking about the micro taser here. Does it work if it’s in a briefcase and an NPC picks it up? Will have to test that out but don’t think that’ll work.

Edit: Nope, it doesn’t.

I’m basically wondering if there is a mailbox like game mechanic on any other level.

Probably not exactly the same… But I think in Santa Fortuna you can place either the bus, or a cocaine brick on the table in the lab in the cave… And I think this causes Jorge to come to it (somehow).

No, it’s not using the micro-taser, but that’s the most similar/related mechanic that I can think of.

Now I’m wondering if the microwave in the coke-field lab could be used the same way. :thinking:
Like, if you could put the micro-taser, or any other item inside it…? And would Jorge then open it and… I dunno… :man_shrugging:

Edit: I think you can only turn it on to sabotage the plant inside. No placing items in it. …Right? :confused:

There’s also the vents in the bank where you can smuggle illegal items to the bottom floor. But I don’t believe they make a sound that would attract an NPC. I think they have to be seen by an enforcer… And (again) if they’re “micro” then they might not be noticeable. There is the larger remote and proximity tasers. But only guards will try to pick those up.

With the above example it’s harder to predict which NPC will take whatever item like you can with the mailboxes.

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Yeah, so I think it’s a unique opportunity in Whittleton Creek only then. I recently discovered this since micro taser wasn’t there in Hitman 2, so this works only in Hitman 3. That’s why it made me curious if you can setup an easy electrocution kill on any other targets this way. With the normal remote taser, Cassidy will pick it up from the mailbox but immediately drop it, so it doesn’t work.

Anyway, thanks for the replies!

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Proximity taser? He can’t drop that :rofl:

Doesn’t give you the option to put that in the mailbox lol. But basically any illegal item and Cassidy will drop it after picking it up. The only illegal items that he keeps are knifes and other illegal sharp objects, but that doesn’t help lol.

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