Puzzling Hitman Contracts intro

What’s up with this intro with TV program about handguns? Does this reference something in the game? It is so random, does anybody have any idea on what it could mean?


I tried to give my self an answer for this so many times.
I thinks they wanted to add a situation to their atmosphere. Dunno how to explain it. But its very random and makes no sense with the story.

@shoma @badeaguard
I honestly forget where I read it from, but “apparently” the gunshot we hear was supposed to represent the events of “Curtains Down” (swapping the Mauser C96 pistol)

Followed by 47 getting shot soon after leaving the Opera House. Don’t know how true it is tbh, but it makes a lot of sense to me


It does makes sense as the next cutscene is 47 wounded. But it has always gave me the impression, judging by the accents, that some one breaks inside and American’s family home and does kill everyone.

Fair enough. But how would that make sense? Story-wise.

I don’t have proof but I strongly believe that’s what we were meant to believe. The screams were supposed to be the people at either the opera house
(Once the target gets killed) or people in the streets of Paris (after 47 got shot.)

Either way, they both make a lot of sense imo. Especially, like you said; the cutscene we see of 47 soon after.

What makes believe that is about a break in is the TV. Seems to be some late night hour time and I imagine a man sitting on his couch half sleeping. But I guess we will never know the truth at this point.

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Or maybe… just MAYBE… could it have been 47 himself watching the TV in the hotel? And the gunshot was not on the TV, but rather the actual shot that hit 47 himself?

Then the sounds were the residents and the “shooter” running out? Maybe explaining the police at the hotel later?

That’s just an idea I’m throwing out there for the sake of conversation. I still believe my original theory more than what I just explained here.

Nah, in Blood Money he was shot at the opera. No wait. He said that he looked him in the eyes and recognize him. So it was at the opera or on the streets.

But IOI changed their mind for sure so many times. It is possible they had another idea about that video, made the first clip then change their mind on some point and said. Well… we wasted money on it now. Lets put it in any way.

Look at the final scene where 47 prepares for the SWAT team. You have the Ballers from H2!!! And in the rest of the game you have the Silverballers…


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Haha yeah, that is true, I noticed that as well. Yeah well, like you said; we will never know for certain, but it’s at least fun to speculate lol

Until IO confirms otherwise, I’m just sticking with my original theory :laughing:


Could something like a Q & A be arranged with IO for the sake of clarifying these kind of doubts? I’m aware some (not to say all) of the developers at the time have departed the company by now but still, there must be some sort of records of what they were aiming.


Not unless @Travis_IOI can shed some light on it?

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I know very little of the development of Contracts. I’ll keep it in mind to ask around.


Alright, sounds good. We would appreciate that. Thanks! :smiley:


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This cleared it up for me…

I just kinda assumed that it was just symbolic for the kind of work 47 does and perhaps the screaming right afterward might have been something that happened in a previous hit.