PZC Bankok

Ok now I’m regretting even trying this DLC for the simple fact that its buggy an after all this time it appears none have (or according to sources will be) fixed. Example, the Source (2 cult leaders), when going on a SA/SO run, I was able to blow up the Male (name escapes me) while he examined the exhibit, but the female was a different story. I figured I’d poison her on the stairs as she made her way down, but nope. Turns out at every corner was a hotel staff would witness the kill. Then low an behold, she goes to the backside of the hotel that is a No trespass area surrounded by cameras an guards. I’ve seen vid walkthroughs that though 3yrs old, dont work at all on this version. So… could someone please give me some pointers on where to go from here.


I can’t say I’ve played it enough to know whether or not this will work… But I’d guess maybe dropping or placing a coin in a corner where the staff at the bottoms of the stairs won’t see you using a syringe on her.

Better yet, have one towards the right close to the stairs, and another very close to the corner. This way you can come up behind her along the wall. Don’t bother tossing the coin because someone else will likely hear it and come looking, or she’ll have VIP behavior and ask someone else to check it out.

Eta: There’s also the possibility of guards following her… So this ^whole idea might be worthless. :thinking:

Thanks Tetra… yeah, I’ve tried that an all they’d do is look in the direction for a few seconds then return to post. I was able to blow her up as well while she overlooked near the kitchen area just prior to heading downstairs to the bar an getting her armed escort to the back. The downside to this run was that it was loud an messy. I’m seeking a clean quiet way to complete this part with a 5star while remaining in the suit. I can sneak in an poison Oybek no problem, but his body is found which messes things up, an then there’s Sister Yulduz. I found a glass she drinks from, BUT there’s a guard right there not 5ft away. When I try using a coin, he immediately turns an stares me dead in the face. I’ve tried everything I know to do this quiet an nothing seems to work!!! :rage: