QoL features I wish to see

So after playing for quite a while I’ve encountered many frustrating issues that could be fixed with just minor updates

1- you walk to an area and suddenly you’re trespassing, and some dudes saw you but only one of them have a dot above his head, fix this problem by making a yellow outline on the entrance of the trespassing zone and the closer you are to it the more the white dots gets visible

2- this has been said more than once, we need more than green and red for the SA indicator, maybe yellow for a camera that spotted us but we weren’t trespassing and orange because someone saw us but they’re unconscious

3- more clarity on what the camera sees, sometimes when walking i don’t get spotted even though i was sure i was on it’s LoS


I think most of the trespassing areas are pretty obvious to where you’re allowed and where you’re not allowed. Maybe this could be done on the map/mini map where tresspassing areas are outlined in yellow and hostile are outlined in red. I haven’t had any problems with this though. The SA tracker could have that yellow change but the orange is unnecessary because it gets rid of your SA ranking. And the cameras view is pretty obvious because the camera grid is shown all the time, even when you’re not in instinct.


Ehhh. I just really want one:

“Vacuum cleaner” item pickup a la Hitman 2016. So sick of 1) dropping bodies while dragging just because I’m picking up an item 2) come on IOI we’re just picking up stuff!

Bring “vacuum cleaner”Hitman 2016 style item pick ups back!!


My problem with the trespassing areas mostly happens when im wearing a disguise but suddenly my disguise can’t go to a certain area and right in front of me are people looking my way and suddenly they all have a white dot and of course they saw me trespassing

The camera grid lines are visible but some times i walk near the grid and still don’t get spotted and that is my problem

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Yeah I’m her can be annoying. One of my rules if I don’t know the map well is to disguise myself in the same clothes as he guards at the entrance of the area. Or simply walk slowly towards it and you’ll usually get waved off by the guards or allowed through

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actually the problem happens when there are no guards, Colorado and Isle of Sgàil to be precise

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Just use one hand to pick things up while draging a body would be good.

So here are few more things, why can’t 47 swipe keycard while holding a briefcase in his hand? Why can’t he use his right hand to swipe keycard or just put the case in his right hand and use left hand to swip card? It’s dropping the briefcase then swiping the keycard really necessary? And why can’t 47 drag bodies and hold briefcase at the same time? He can do that back in old hitman games, why can’t he do the same now?

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Destinations Menu should be a World Map…


Yes! Yes! That’s what I thought! And that would be so cool!


That would look sooooooooooooo much cooler than what we have right now.


An additional touch would be that if you switch to Destinations the game should play the “World of Assassination” theme music from the 2016 game…


Yeah, I loved the music in the first season.


Damn the world map and the music stuff is a great idea. The only problem with that would probably be Sgail because so far there’s no confirmed location. If I’m not mistaken some one made a a map like this on this forum?

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There are many unlisted islands in the world, IOI can just easily pick one (or even invent one) and put Sgail there. :wink:

It’s funny - lots of people complained about the menu music (and the briefing music) from HITMAN, and then once they removed it in HITMAN 2 lots of people now say they miss it.

They can’t win.


I know… people have that feeling now… But I’ve loved the 2016 game’s music from the moment I fired up the game.

It’s just that sinister “calculating killer genius” mood of the music… perfect antidote to that Grindhouse Movie vibe that went on in HITMAN ABSOLUTION…

Incidentally each version of 47 (no two games feature the same hero model) supposedly have nicknames and the one for 2016 was supposedly codenamed “The Chessmaster”. :wink:

The theme music fits that guy.


While it isn’t stated outright, the cut-scene before Sgaìl has a sort-of crosshairs thing that zooms in to a location in the Orkney Isles.

The menu music was the real casualty of the SE split - otherwise the “under one umbrella” vision would’ve unfolded and we’d still have it.


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We can still have it. Just not in the salami style SE thought of.