Question about absolution ending

hey guys, it’s been a while since I was on here. I actually beat absolution a couple months ago and I had a few questions about the ending. At the end when it shows diana and victoria and diana says “do what you have to do” it suggests that the girl was gonna throw away the necklace that gave her her super assassin powers, but if you saw earlier in the game, without the necklace she becomes so weak that she can barely stand up! so how did they get around that?

Don’t question the incredibly thought out and well written script of Absolution


One does not question the gosble of Absolution!

and no it make no real sense, other then it being a symbol of her choosing her own fate. Which is death, apparently.

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I don’t know if you know this but the game was meant to be total different. And personally I believe that if IO sticked with what they had in mind Absolution could had been phenomenal.
It is true that Absolution was made with the intention to be story driving and if you had the chance there was a topic here with some sort of mini documentary released on IOS of what ideas and things they wanted to do but had to cut because of reasons.
Any way, just pay attention to some details in the cutscenes. Like the first time 47 enters Victoria room. At some point while facing the window you see his mouth move (talking) but was muted. Then in the next cut scene while he points the Silverballer to Victoria you can see his barcode is covered by the plaster. And this scene was meant to be after Dexter because in the original story Dexter cuts off 47 barcode. But Io thought that was too much for the audience so they “cut” (get it? they CUT) that part of the story and made him a drunk.

Now lets pass to Diana. If you remember the second trailer shown on Gamescom all made in glacier 2, Diana has a bullet hole in her chest. So that means she is dead right? Well again IO wanted to really make her dead but for some reason they turn around the story that 47 just wounded her.

So basically the end, the middle and so on of the game became a total mess.

I sometimes watch the old trailers. And even after I played the shit out of Absolution and didn’t liked it that much. I still feel emotion watching the trailers and imagine how cool Absolution might had turn if only IO made it how it was meant to be.


Absolution’s ending probably made sense in a previous iteration, but they kept changing things so often that pretty much it’s impossible to know what the ending was supposed to be about.

Other than 47 apparently forgot he has binoculars and now watches everyone through sniper rifle… with perfect audio…


I love this forum. I always get a good laugh when I come here.

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Forgetting for a minute that the story makes little sense – I think that it’s possible he wasn’t sure if she had survived the shooting until he saw her again. He opted to not shoot her in the head, thus giving her a chance to explain herself, and then he told her she won’t last long, though she still has a chance to make it. I assumed throughout the game that he didn’t know if she survived or not, hence all of his guilty hallucinating.

Because he wanted her to explain herself. If you read the horror story that is Hitman: Damnation, the only reason 47 goes back to work for the Agency is so that when they find Diana, he can be the one who gets the contract, because he wants to speak to her.

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But she talks to him over the radio after he kills Travis.


Yes, she does – I meant prior to that, as he must have seen her again when he delivered Victoria back to her mansion in Chicago. The events in Cornwall are supposed to take place six months after that.

Then again, with all of the chopping and changing, maybe the ending where he views them through the scope was supposed to take place prior to Cornwall.

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She does, i think that when the level Absolution takes place. 47 is aware that she survived and she is acting as his handler and together they are taking care of the rotten apple.

By that stage, yes, of course. I mean before they get to that point in the story.

Yes, IO have lost themselves in this plot. They were unbrave in their ideas so final story is giant mess. They surely were afraid of too many changes in the franchise: alcoholic 47, Diana’s real death, cutting the barcode off, what may shocked the fans. They changed most of the story right before the release it seems.

This is the first time I’ve seen a post with over 10 likes here.

Oh yes, and the whole Hawaii thing (perfectly explained by Jarbinger in the old forum, if I remember correctly); the misleading ICA File about The Saints and the fact that we don’t know how Travis lost his hand (wasn’t this supposed to happen at the beginning?)

Yep, you can see that in the ICA file trailer for Travis, 47 shoots him in the hand when leaving the mansion with Victoria.

Too bad that didn’t happen in the game. If we’re going to take the ICA Files trailers as canon, then Lasandra Dixon should be alive.

True, so I guess we can’t take them as canon. I loved those trailers though, they were really well done I thought – especially 47’s and Diana’s.

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Maybe they removed shooting in the hand thing because 47 isn’t supposed to miss his shots.

I still fall off my chair when I watch 47’s ICA file. That shit is too dank.

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In the trailer, it looks like it’s a bullet that goes through a guard he shoots and into Travis’ hand, so it wasn’t a missed shot per se.

And hell yeah 47’s ICA file is just epic.


Agent 47 - Kill order issued - All operatives assigned. SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL.

but it didn’t

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