Question about absolution ending

True, so I guess we can’t take them as canon. I loved those trailers though, they were really well done I thought – especially 47’s and Diana’s.

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Maybe they removed shooting in the hand thing because 47 isn’t supposed to miss his shots.

I still fall off my chair when I watch 47’s ICA file. That shit is too dank.

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In the trailer, it looks like it’s a bullet that goes through a guard he shoots and into Travis’ hand, so it wasn’t a missed shot per se.

And hell yeah 47’s ICA file is just epic.


Agent 47 - Kill order issued - All operatives assigned. SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL.

but it didn’t

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Hahahahaha true.

Actually if they had explored that in more depth it could have been great. I mean, the only time we saw anyone from the Agency try to take him out, it was the Saints with a huge support team blowing up a motel, or Travis’ division taking over the town of Hope. It could have been awesome to see agents try to take him out stealthily, either in groups or one-on-one or a mixture, with all of them having received the same kill order.

Not so much that it became boring and repetitive, but I think some of that would have been very cool.

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“epic” . Does anyone cringe at this overused word? :grimacing:

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I’ll have you know my usage of that word is strictly limited to twice daily.

Wow I had no idea the plot was changed, very interesting stuff :open_mouth: definitely covering some of this in my road to hitman 6 LP

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Check out the Hitman: Full Disclosure app – it explores a lot of abandoned plot lines and concept art and is full of interesting stuff.

And the camera zooming on his face in the middle of the crowd

I’ll be using the dossier idea in advertisement for one of my books - I made a thread about it but there weren’t any replies :stuck_out_tongue:

Books? Cool. What are you writing?
And speaking about books, did you or any one here read the first Hitman novel? Is it any good? I meet this girl I like a lot and her birthday is 2 weeks from now. She is a heavy reader and I though why not. If things goes well its a nice introduction of one of my passions

I’ve read both Hitman: Enemy Within and Hitman: Damnation.

I guess they could serve as introductions to the Hitman universe… but in my opinion they are not well written, and 47 is not characterised well. They don’t really fit the canon – I mean, they do a hell of a lot better than the movies in that they actually take place in the Hitman game universe, but I feel like so much of it is out of character and just… ugh. Especially 47 in Damnation, and that’s supposed to be the ‘official’ prequel to Absolution. I don’t know where Enemy Within stands when it comes to the canon.

Long story short, they both have some good bits, they both have some cringe bits – she’ll probably get one of them read in a day or two if she’s a heavy reader. Plus, she might like it a lot more than I did, seeing as she won’t know what 47 or Hitman is supposed to be like.

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I’m writing a spy thriller about an ageing government assassin exhausted of a life in the shadows, hunting people and being chased. But during the investigation of a major international conspiracy, he finds out that his son is involved and has no choice but to do what he does best.

It won’t be ready in 2 weeks but maybe it will be for her next birthday!

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People would freak out to the fact that IO had juggernauts defending Diana in the first level. Fortunately - maybe because of the bad feedback from playsessions - they cut that part out.

The story of Absolution ended up as a mess, I don’t know how an AAA game could be released with so many plot holes :sweat_smile: wtf?

Big budget and big studio does not protect against human error, in fact it can very easily compound it either due to auteur status where no one is allowed to question the issues or too many cooks (where everyone gets to change the product at random times).

If nothing else remember: David Cage produces AAA games.

Human errors is, of course, inevitably. But I still wonder how such a long hyped game with a massive budget could have a story that was butchered to pieces.

You try something - it sounds great in theory until you see it happen and then show it to playtesters who aren’t exposed to all the build up and background discussions etc:

You add something because someone told you it’d help market the game to the new generation, then when it’s in there:

Remember before Absolution Tore Blystad was mostly an art director with some level design credentials - so he didn’t really have the experience where we would expect him to know immediately what will and won’t work when it comes to story, cinematic sequences, marketing, etc. It was basically his first run at being the man in charge, and a much bigger project than he’d worked on before.

Lots of stuff sounds cool in theory, but doesn’t hold up when you try to execute it or requires a lot of experience and skills in order to execute properly. Think of all the bizarre suggestions we’ve seen in Wish List over the years:

  • Bullet Time
  • Open World
  • Deathmatch Multiplayer
  • Procedural Generation

All these things are really cool in some games - but terrible in others. Every now and again someone works out a way to integrate them together or find creative ways to do it either through experience, a particular design philosophy, etc. Lots of stuff gets worked on an then thrown out (according to some sources, they through out enough BioShock Infinite stuff to make two more games because Levine didn’t like how it was working out so scrapped giant sections).

A lot of the “cut content” people attribute to corporate greed is frequently cut because it just wasn’t working, it seems great in your imagination but the practicalities just get in the way. Games like Skyrim frequently have bits and pieces everywhere, sometimes including quests you can’t complete (VtM: Bloodlines was the worst for this). Absolution stand out to us because we scrutinize it so much.


That sound very good. I wish you all the best you make it. And eventually you can still make it a movie script if the editors/publishers are not interested.
Please post here how it goes. I’m really curious

I’m waiting for the Absolution Director’s Cut, where 47 is homeless and beats people up.

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