Question about Diana parents

Spoilers from the first issue of the comic. Only played Absolution and Hitman 2016, I’m not fully aware of the whole lore of the franchise.

Is she aware that 47 killed her parents?

No not at this point in the story, but she might learn the “truth” in H2. But hopefully the plot points from the tie in comics doesn’t get any attention in the new game. I hope that horrible lame way of connecting the 47 and Diana is ignored and never explored outside the comic.

If I had my way plot point from the comic dies with the comics.


No, she isn’t. There’s been speculation that she might find out in HITMAN 2 but it’s still unconfirmed. Guess we’ll be finding out soon enough, hopefully the whole comic storyline was tossed aside for the story of the new game.


The comic’s handling of Diana’s background is trash and almost on par with some of the story-related crimes Absolution committed.

The sooner we can all forget about it, the sooner we can move on


Thanks for the reply guys. I didn’t liked the comic either. It wasn’t a great Hitman comic or even a comic on his own in my opinion.

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I overall found the comic to be rather dull, that said parts of it I did like. The parts where they explored Ort-Meyer and Providence connection. But the unseen connecting between 47 and Diana was rubbish.

That said it can still work if IO pulls if off probably in H2, they just need to do a better job the comics. In the end it all comes down to how it’s told and introduced.


Sorry for the bump, but I STILL DON’T GET why Diana’s parents were killed. Blue seed didn’t want to get sued or what?

Diana’s parents had information that could end Blue Seed. The Burnwoods were going to go public. Blue Seed hires 47 to kill the Burnwoods before they could talk.

More likely, they probably had a connection to Providence and asked them to deal with and Providence went to Ort-Meyer. 47 wasn’t at a point where he could yet choose to take contracts and receive payment and such, as far as we know. Same situation, it just wasn’t him they hired; it was Ort-Meyer.

I highly doubt 47 or Providence had an Ort-Meyer connection. I find it more likely Providence heralds just gave 47 their jobs under the guise of corporate espionage or international security work. But yes it is likely that Diana’s parents unknowingly had information that could expose Blue Seed’s connections to Providence.

But the time 47 killed Diana’s parents, 47 was still in Ort-Meyer’s care. He only “unleashed” him on his own into the wider world ten years after killing the Burnwoods. That was the whole point, I think, in making Ort-Meyer connected to Providence; so that they could explain why 47 was the one to kill Diana’s parents before he was set loose. He was still Ort-Meyer’s puppet and Ort-Meyer answered to Providence, at least superficially, so anyone who “hired” 47 had to go through Ort-Meyer to do it.

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Oh this must be from that comic nobody likes or reads. Yeah for me that is non-canon until it is used in game for me. It is much more interesting to have 47 be on his own since escaping the asylum and Providence subtly manipulates 47 into doing their dirty work.

This is from the games. Until we learned in the most recent game that Ort-Meyer had 47 at another facility other than the asylum at some point, there’s never been any indication that 47 was ever on his own, beyond a few brief escape attempts as a child, until the beginning of the first game, and only did any “work” before being hired by ICA for a few months at best. Nothing we’ve seen in H2 contradicts the perception that 47 was always under Ort-Meyer’s thumb (if not necessarily his control) for his entire life until C47. So even incorporating the 47-made-Diana-an-orphan story that we have now, all indications are that at the time that happened, 47 is still acting at Ort-Meyer’s behest. Have I missed something that indicates otherwise? If so, please point it out, because I need to adjust my understanding of the timeline of events if that is the case.

I guess I am mistaken then.

Diana’s parents circa Absolution were stated to be Sir Peter Lloyd Burnwood (who I believe was in the House of Lords), and his wife Lady Nancy Burnwood. Her father died during her studies (an ICA screening report notes an uncharacteristic and isolated drop in her grades), and her mother went on to re-marry and took the surname of Berman and was still alive as of 2013.

She had two siblings, James Burnwood (still alive) and Emma Burnwood (who had died prior to the events of Absolution).

Am I to take it all of this has been retconned? That Diana’s sister never existed, her brother was used for a pity vote, and her parents were now so insignificant that Providence didn’t mind quite obviously murdering them? You’d have thought a Lord and Lady would have warranted more discretion.

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Diana’s character has gone through a lot of retconning if you follow supplemental or tie-in sources. Anything not presented directly in the games must be considered carefully before being thought of as legit. For this same reason, the most recent two games have rendered the previously-thought-of-as-canon original novel Enemy Within as definitely non-canon.

Of course, it could be that Diana’s Absolution file is filled with false info, either from her or the ICA, intended to keep the details of her actual life hidden from those who might seek her out as 47’s handler.

And then, the cheapest way out is to simply claim, as some do, that Absolution itself is non-canon/never happened at all, but that’s as genuine as a $3 bill.

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say Absolution never happened or wasn’t canon, but I would say that after how poorly it was received, IOI probably consider it… less-canon that the other games.

It’s also likely they thought nobody would really notice nor care if they changed the history of the character because it was such a minor detail in one trailer. But I noticed…oh I noticed alright…

It just irked me because as a writer, I have that MGS-esque sense of “I won’t even start the first story until I know how the entire series will play out, start to finish”, so you know things won’t be retconned and something from the beginning of the first one could very well be brought up at the very end of the last one.
HITMAN 1 & 2 are more like a TV show, in that they shape it as they go along and retcon as they need, which places the established lore in a potentially temporary state.