Question about Exits and Difficulties Requeriments

As far as I know, Bangkok is the only location where the Exit Requirement is changed on Master (To use the boat, you need a key).
Do anyone knows about some other location that also changes exit requirements depending on difficulty?
Also, is there any secret exit discovered on Hitman 3 yet? Any info is welcome.

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There’s a secret exit in Berlin using the payphone after taking a certain photo.

As for your main question, I wish that kind of thing happened more often. Maybe if we get a new pro mode someday. Only similar thing I can think of is how in Landslide the car exit in Sapienza suddenly needs a key, and it’s on an NPC you have to deal with.

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There is also the Mendoza exit that requires you to grab the swimsuit from a nearby room

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It’s 50/50 to me.
On one hand, some differences are always good, if they made right.
On the other hand, it might be another reason for people to ignore Master difficulty.

Does this exit changes somehow depending on difficulty?
On Professional you need to do the same

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I found the wetsuit in Mendoza I didn’t know it was linked to a specific escape route. My first guess would be via the caves? I have only done two play throughs of that level so far.

As far as needing keys to exits, I thought you needed appropriate keys/passes to certain exits no matter what the difficulty? I know I’ve seen the exit icons with a lock over them when I didn’t have the right key, etc for them

I would also welcome a pro mode in future too, currently master is still pretty easy and annoying that mission stories don’t trigger when on it. I get that they wouldn’t lead you to them but they should still trigger

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I like exits with additional steps, but I think there should always be at least one exit that does not require any additional steps per map and difficulty.
Even if it is on the other end of a map.

In Bangkok it just was controversial because it was the only open exit that got altered.


I think the bank is the way to do it, have the main exit always open but also somewhat more dangerous to get to. Have alternate exits that require keys, passes or other such things. If I worked at IOI and was designing a new pro mode for Hitman 3, that would be what I would do.

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