Question about Hitman 2 Gold edition

Hi all, I have a few question about Hitman 2 Standard and Gold edition.

I own Hitman 2 standard version(Disc version) few months back and have completed all the location and mission with most of the items unlock. Have clear the Elusive target to date too.

I have the intention to purchase the expansion pass to continue the game with the 2 new location. Currently the playstation store are having the halloween discount for Hitman 2 gold edition. The price is the same as the expansion pass.

My question are:

  1. If I purchase the digital Hitman 2 gold edition, will it consider as a new game? Do I need to start as new to clear all location and mission? Or all the trophy, items, mission and location will port over as cleared to the gold edition?

  2. Will the elusive targets and the rewards link and port over as well or consider as miss since I switching over from a standard edition to gold edition? This was the one I hesitate to buy the gold edition now(all the rewards gone if start as new).

I would love to get the gold edition since it the same price for buying the expansion pack. I can also give the standard edition to my brother to play.

But before I commit to buy the gold edition, I need to get opinion and view from you guy.

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As long you get the expansion pass on the same system and account you own the Standard edition, the expansion pass will add the content to your game just like you’d expect of a DLC.


Standard Edition + Expansion Pass = Gold Edition.
So just buy the Expansion Pass and you’ll have everything included in the Gold Edition.


So to say, be it getting the in-game expansion pass from the standard edition or the brand new gold edition, all the location, trophy, items and mission which I cleared and obtained will be able to access in both edition?

Because it base on the my account? Am I right on this?

Yes, that my plan initially to get the expansion pass but since the Gold edition are on sale and are the same price as getting the in-game expansion from the standard edition, I would prefer to get the digital gold edition and give the standard edition(disc) to my brother to enjoy the game. That the best value in my opinion.

The only worry for me is all the hard work I done for the past few months for clearing all the location and mission especially the elusive targets and rewards gone if I convert to use the gold edition.

You keep everything as long as the game is on the same PSN account. All items, challenges, trophies will remain.

So you can buy Gold Edition and continue with all your progress. And you can give the disc to your brother so he can play on a different PSN account. That way he wants can start off fresh.

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Thank for your answer. That what I need to confirm. :wink: