Question about preorder


so i got the collector’s edition preorder on amazon .co .uk. my question is how i will receive the sniper challenge code? thanks


via email, but it may take 1-2 Days until you get it.


thanks :slight_smile: i will let you know


I pre-ordered from Amazon and mine came within 24 hours!, hoping you’ve received yours?


yes, i received mine too :slight_smile:


Came here with the same question and found this answer. Ordered 2 days ago, still waiting for the code.

Amazon( )support didn’t seem to know what I was talking about, too bad it is so hard to find this information.


try asking support about your purchase and say to them you haven’t received the code. let me know


I contacted Amazon support again today. They promised to send me a code within 24h. Will update later.


Well, I did get something before the 24h passed. Something about not finding anything about beta access (??) and a discount on my next order to compensate the inconvenience… will try one more time :grimacing:

… and nope: “I am sorry I am unable to help you with the code as its not mentioned on the Amazon website.”


Wow. The Amazon staff members have to be real pieces of crap if they just go “oh yeah, we didn’t know about the beta code, so we’re not giving it to you” because of their own incompetence.
I hope they realize their mistake and give you the codes you paid for.


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:laughing: Nah, but seriously that’s messed up. That is just one of the many reasons I stopped doing business with Amazon a long time ago. Shady bastards! Lol hope you get everything straightened out.


A late update due to vacation: got my code eventually, after contacting WB Games support and speeding things up thanks to someone from WB on the Hitman 2 discord server. After receiving the code and a week of vacation I could finally install and play Sniper Assassin :slight_smile:


wanna add me on steam? we can try the multiplayer