Question about ps4 & ps5 edition of WOA

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I’m new to Hitman World of Assassination and wanted to know why the dlc of Trinity pack and Sarajevo 6 were only dlc for the ps5 edition?
I play on ps5 and downloaded the ps4 edition to save space on my sdd and have it downloaded on my expanded hard drive and I cannot find an answer.
I’m leading to think that S6 was a ps4 exclusive so you don’t have to buy it on there. Is there much difference in downloading the ps5 edition?
I was also hoping the vr edition would have worked on the psvr2 but hopefully they make it playable for vr2.

Thank you

S6 was a PS4 exclusive in Hitman 2016, it was not available in Hitman 2 or Hitman 3, and it’s not included in the PS4 version of WoA.

Are you not seeing the two DLCs in your console’s PlayStation Store? It’s possible that things are not showing up in the search results even if they’re available for your platform, even if you type in the exact name of the item you want to buy. I had a similar problem with one of the two Freelancer DLCs in my PS5’s store.

Here’s the Sarajevo Six DLC, and here is the Trinity Pack. As you can see, it says PS4 and PS5 on both of them.

It only says PS5 for me. When I switch between ps4 and ps5 editions the dlc changes. PS4 only has skin wraps for the weapons and ps5 have deluxe dlc, S6 and the Trinity pack. That’s what’s lead to my confusion if it’s already on the ps4 edition.

Wait, you followed the links I gave you and they only say PS5 for you?? I swear I’m not hallucinating that they say PS4 and PS5 on my end.

I don’t have space on my external (or my internal) HDD, so I can’t download the PS4 version to my PS5, and I don’t want to update the pre-WoA version I have installed on my PS4, so I sadly can’t double-check this.

Would be really wild if it’s free on the ps4 edition but have to pay on ps5.

When you’re on your ps5 just switch between editions looking at the dlc available and both versions have different dlc which is why this is confusing to me.

Yeah, I genuinely don’t understand why you think it must be free on the PS4 edition just because it doesn’t show up for you, when the store link I sent you literally says PS4 and PS5.

It’s not free. If it was free, you would see it in your store with “free” in the lower left corner where the price is normally displayed.

If it was already included in your edition of the game, the missions and items would be in your game. Do you have them in your game?