Question about Silent Assasin

  1. If civilians tries to escape (but fails to reach nearest guard) while we trying anesthetize them will it ruin SA rating?

  2. If we kill spetsnaz agent and/or ambassador in Invitaiton To A Party, will it ruin SA?

  3. I’ve killed more than one enemy, but I got Professional rank because only one alert. If I managed to kill them w/o alert would I took SA rating?

  1. If I understand what you mean, if someone is trying to run away while you’re attacking them then you are going to lose SA as you’re definitely compromised.

  2. I do not know what you mean.

  3. I do not know what you mean.

As noted by @640509_0401_47 I didn’t spot the topic, my bad.

  1. If you’re compromised by civilian and he runs to report about you, you lose your SA
    All because you’re compromised. If you’re just gain attention (‘suspicious’ message pops) like being spotted in trespassing zone and immediately leave restricted area, you won’t lose SA. Also, if you been escorted from restricted area, you won’t lose SA. But if you gained attention and stand still, you’ll be compromised in a while; once you’ve been seen (‘suspicious’ message pops), run for your life and hide from NPCs sight. This will secure your SA.
  2. If you kill any non-target, you lose your SA in any case.
  3. If you killed both targets in front of each other, you’ll lose SA in any case because of the second target will see the body of the first target. Alerts doesn’t matter if you haven’t been seen by anybody. And if all bodies are hidden

He is talking about Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Sadly I don’t remember how SA worked in this game but it can be helpful:

H2SA’s rating system allows you to budget for certain stats being > 0 and still getting silent assassin.

  1. Not on its own. There are certain situations where it will cause an alert but 1 alert will not blow the rating by itself. Mostly it just causes guards to search for you, in which case it can cause multiple close encounters if they see you while searching.
  2. That alone can not blow the rating. He is counted as an enemy killed. The rating system allows you to budget for 1 enemy killed depending on value of other stats like shots fired or close encounters.
  3. Had to test this one b/c i wasn’t sure. You are allowed 2 enemies killed as long as all other stats are 0.

For SA you must have less than two alerts and you can kill only one enemy,you can use gun(any) only once and it must be a headshot,you must not kill civilians(innocents),you can kill agent and you don’t need to kill ambassador because he will not alert anyone.