Question about St. Petersburg Revisited (spoilers)

Just played through SA for the first time and enjoyed it, but I have a question:

Is there a logical reason why you don’t start off with your weapons in this mission? I get it’s too set up for the level afterwards where you need to grab your weapons from your shed, but I can’t help but feel that the way it’s set up is a tad bit contrived.

Probably because of the tight security around St. Petersburg (4 generals meeting isn’t a daily event y’know) and you’re arriving by the metro

Edit: read it wrong. Maybe because they’re ambushing 47.

Me: Let me just stuff my LMG in my suit pocket.

Guard: stares at you

Me: Let me just put my LMG in a metro

Guard sees stashed LMG nothing suspicious here

Mate, I couldn’t get through security at Sheremetyevo Airport with a hoodie! Literally anything from 47’s shed? Not on your bloody life! :joy:

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Thinking about it now, I’d imagine the logic was that since 47 is going to the same location, security would be more beefed up. So going in without any of his guns would make him harder to detect.

The irony of course being that security was initially much more lax which was was all part of set up to catch 47 in a trap.