Question in regards to suits and coins

Hello fellow players, I have a problem/question, that I hope you would be so kind and help me with/answering.
Like the many of us I bought the standard edition on launch date, and while I knew that a few issues would arise, a couple has left me baffled and irritated. the first one is
I didn’t have any of 47’s suits or coins to begin with and everywhere I’ve looked it says it should be in your inventory from the start.
Second one is the regular coins which like mentioned above is also missing.
Those are the problems
because I later ended up adding the deluxe and everything else due to my frustation and I naively thought the coins and suits where part of that, but they aren’t,

I have contacted IOI twice via email and they haven’t responded.

Now to ask a question
do any of you know if in order to abtain the suits and coins you would have to make the transfer ?
i hope one of you would be kind and help a fellow player out
Thank you kindly in advance.

In some missions the loadout is unavailable and you’ll start with empty hands.
After you achieve some mastery level, loadout slots become available, and you’ll be able to choose any gear for the missions.
Coins should be on their place, in Distractions category.
You can check Career → Inventory tab for all gear available for you


If you want your coins from the previous game, progress transfer have to be done, yes.

If you do not use progress carry-over you need to unlock everything by mastery same as in earlier games.

Regular coins available by default without unlocking anything

Oh, right! My bad, then.

First of thanks for the help
however I can’t say for sure if IOI intended that the carryover was the intention w suit/coins, or if its bugs or whatever it might be but I can say that it’s not in my inventory at all and I looked. kind regards