QUESTION: When is the next elusive target? And how often do they become active? Do you need to get access to extra content to play these missions once they become available?

HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets are over.
There will be no further new content for HITMAN 2.
Life cycle of this game is over.

HITMAN 3 due to release in January 2021, all content will be there, including (maybe new) Elusive Targets

Is it confirmed that there will be ETs in Hitman III?

Somewhere it’s been written by IOI, maybe in their blog, but I don’t remember exactly where it’s been said

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When was the last ET available? Cause I never got to play any (maybe I just hadn’t noticed). It just says I missed them all? Plus, is there any way of playing them again?

The very last was Undying Returns which was active in June.
If you missed them all it means that you never played any Elusive Target.

As I already said, HITMAN 2 is over and no new content will be available for that game.

You have to wait till January and buy HITMAN 3 as soon as it gets released so to make your time for all the goodies it has in store for us.
It will be huge, I assure you. You don’t want to miss it!
Including Elusive Targets, of course.

But I have to ask you: you know what Elusive Targets are?

I do now. I’ve had the game for a bit more than a year now, but only played last summer and these past few days and never really explored everything the game offers. At the moment, I’m doing the Escalation Missions. They’re really cool.


Ok, just in case I will describe in a few words what Elusive Targets are.
They are not usual Hitman mission, not like Escalation or something.
All because with any Elusive Target you have only one chance to play.
If you missed any Elusive Target, you may play it in hypothetical reactivation circle, but only in case if you missed it for the first time around. And only once.
If you got killed during this mission, you will fail with no opportunity of playing it again. Ever.
If you succeeded, you will get your award for killing the ET, but you can’t replay it again. Ever.

It’s just not an ordinary thing and not every single player knows it. They think that it’s nothing special in ET and then being killed during mission and then come with claims, saying ot doesn’t work


You should be able to watch the briefing videos for the ETs. Maybe watch 1 or 2 of them and you’ll have a really good feel for how they work. Basically IO plops a new NPC into the level and makes very minor changes to accommodate the gameplay. A few of the ETs were brilliant, many of them were not. As others have said, there will be some for S3 next year. I wouldn’t really be upset that you missed them. Also, during S2 some of the S1 ETs re-activated which allowed players who had never played them before a chance to go for it. If you had previously played that ET, you weren’t allowed to re-try. S3 will likely do the same thing. The Prince has been my favourite so far. It’s from S1.

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