Question regarding the swing king

I live and breathe Blood money. Lately though, a question regarding hitman has been distracting me at work… causing me to lose productivity. That question being how Scoop approached Mr. Joseph Clarence “the swing king” and was able to rent the carnival? How was he able to convince him “he’d be good for the money”? Did Mr. Clarence really believe he was gonna get the money back?

IMO… With the fairgrounds being closed down, and their gang members needing a place to lay low… It probably looked like a win-win situation. But Clarence, being the wimp that he is, got taken advantage of. It looked like easy money… Just like not having his ride equipment up to par was easy money. So, again, he was a victim of his own… slothfulness and complacency(?).

One can’t really know how it was worked out. You can only assume what happened given the situation and the attitudes, temperaments, and/or proclivities of the “parties” in question.


That’s a fair response. I have a few questions for someone who is also well versed in swing king trivia. Do you believe Joe Clarence deserved his fate… A bald assassian? Do you think scoop is a worse guy? Would you like to see A DLC where Scoop is a secondary target in 2018?

As they say; “A contract is a contract.”

You can’t help but to feel a little bit sorry for him. But never-the-less, he’s still culpable for the death of a child, intentional or not. One could say that since he was being cheap with the upkeep of his rides - he should be held accountable. Like a ‘Sin of Omission’ -if you will.

But, at the heart of the (reason for the) contract - it’s ultimately for Revenge. Killing the Swingking wouldn’t ever bring back the dead child. What about the family of the Swingking? Do they get to put a contract out on the person that had him killed (if they were to know somehow)?

As for Scoop… Well, Clarence was bad in a bumbling, foolish way. Scoop’s wrongdoings are fully intentional. But did he kill anyone? Yeah. It’s reasonable to assume he has done things worthy of death / justice.

Would I like to see him as a target? I wouldn’t care if he was or not… I guess if he was - that’d be okay. But it’s nothing I’d be dying to have.

When compared to the likes of Penelope Graves and Matthieu Mendola, of course.

Frankly… if I were 47, I’d pop Scoop as a public service. Already there anyway… maybe I can make it look like a “falling-out of thieves.”

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He is a weak man who has been taken advantage of by Scoop and his gang.

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