Questions about the Asylum

So, you know that guy STiPo who’s REALLY into Dead Rising? I’m like that guy, but with this one fucking obscure level from this one obscure 2004 video game and I have no fucking clue, The entire level felt like a horror story, and usually when a horror story is left unsolved (relevant in this case) it makes people curious about it. Or maybe I just belong in an asylum myself. Idk, but there’s a few things about it that confuse me,

The weird sounds that play during the walkway between the big cloning chambers with the hitman clones in them, and the scanner room in the basement. It’s like “Sch… Bshh…” I have no fucking idea but it almost reminds me of swords clashing. Anyway, it eludes me as to what the shit this is supposed to be. Anyone got an idea?

2nd… Why is there a random blood pool in the darkened shower room? Seriously, I didn’t know assrape went that hard in the paint.

3rd… Why are there bloody handprints on the white table in the obscure part of the asylum with the chairs, and a little receptionist like desk? I’m a confused man.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks.


You need to play Codename 47.

47 raid that place


“I’m like STiP0 for the asylum”
If that were the case you’d be searching for unused or beta stuff for it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he is does, actually…

You have excellent taste