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So, id ask about this on Quora, but i cant keep it short enough for there, so, i decided to come ask from here, since this forum has off-topic discussions, i actuslly use this forum and there is people whl most likely have the answers. Now, for the actual topic. So, i like making lists, but while making these lists, i found a few issues with forming a name.

  1. Hypotethically, if some Sheikh from Saudi-Arabia managed to become a lord in Britain, could you call him “Lord Sheikh Name”. Same goes for having a PhD and an MD or some other two Doctor’s degrees in your name. Could your name be Dr. Name PhD MD
  2. In some files, there is a box for the Surname and a bix for the first, second, third etccnames. Now, what if your name is only one word. What and where would be written. 2.1. What if the name is unknown, and you are only known by a codename such as “Mister Q”, 2.2 What if you are Agent 47. Agent is not your first name and 47 is not your second name. Tho, i assume the name would be his full barcode. And that relates back to the 2nd question.
  3. If you have only one name, but you are also known by your alias, you cant write FirstName “Alias” SecondName Surname, as you only have one name. How would you write that?
  4. What titles can you have in your name?
    If you have your education in your name, such as JD, PhD, MD, what are the requirements for it. Like what degree of education do you need? Is any degree of education that says Doctor in it, viable to add to your name. Then there is the obv titles, such as ones such as President, Senator etc which are obv. But then, what about your work related titles. Lawyers can have “Ty” in front of their name to indicate they currently work as a lawyer. But what does your job need to be in order to get a title in your name. I doubt that the cashier of a store has any titles. There are lists of these out there, but then some of the lists have stuff like DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery, that is supposed to be a title you can put in your name. But shouldnt you have MD in your name and not DDS? If you cant put MD, but you can put DDS, then what educations count for MD.
  5. If PhD is Doctor of Philosophy, and MD is Doctor of Medicine, how can there a PhD and an MD for the same thing, for excample Biochemistry has PhD and MD as far as im aware.
    Sorry for if these are confusing questions, this is somewhat pointless, but id still very much like to know the answer

I don’t know about the sheikh/lord thing. When writing names with titles you either put Dr Name by itself or write Name PhD MD - you don’t write Dr Name PhD.

Inherent problem with systematising names, can’t really be any general solution.

Not clear. Subject 6 (assuming that is one singular name) alias Lucas Grey? I’d write the nearer to the original first and the extra name as the alias. Does that help?

I have a PhD so am a doctor, I have earned the qualification “doctor of philosophy”. Each qualification has a definition given by its name. MB is “bachelor of medicine” and does not confer the title “doctor” on medical practitioners who do not have another degree which is a doctorate. The term “doctor” used generally for medical practitioners is a courtesy title, not a real one. Your job is not going to give you a title, you have to have the qualifications to do the job then get the job. DDS sounds like a doctorate so the holder can call themselves “doctor”, it doesn’t matter if it’s DDS or MD or DSc or whatever else.

PhD and MD are not the same thing but do provide the same title. Biochemistry won’t have MD qualifications associated with it as it’s a scientific pursuit separate from medicine. It is not uncommon for medical doctors to do a full biochemistry degree during medical studies so they’d be BM BSc.

Hope that helps.

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Provided it is possible it would be Sheikh Mohammad Example, Lord of Placeholder. Like Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, Duke of Swabia, King of Burgundy, King of the Romans ect.

The same would go for anyone who holds multiple degrees in law medicine and other fields ie Jack Random JD MD PhD DDS. Thing is no one has or would have that many degrees.

Also the games state 47’s paperwork has multiple aliases created by Diana and the ICA. He is only known as 47 internally and to his closest friends.

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I have three academic and three professional qualifications (no this isn’t the awesome thread!) so it’s quite possible, it would be (relatively) easy to get up to five professional but not likely that I’ll do another academic one. I’d suggest more than four academic qualifications is not likely. There is some suggestion that the more advanced of related degrees supercedes the lower qualification so my MPhil, while unrelated to my PhD, it might be that I should not write those letters after my name (which I never do unless someone makes out that three sets of letters makes them a better person then I ensure I include all mine).


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Yes, this helps me quite a bit. However what do you mean with

So, i assume you mean it would be written Lucas “Subject 6” Grey? That doesnt seem reasonable. And by one name i mean that your name is only one word. Like full name is only one word


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I meant “Subject 6” only works if it’s considered as a single name as it’s a single concept, I pushed it a bit there.

Subject 6 was what he was known as first, so Subject 6 alias Lucas Grey is what would be written. Can’t think of a better example I’m afraid.

I’d say putting quotes in as you did just there is more along the lines of a nickname, so Lee “Scratch” Perry with the scratch due to the track “Chicken Scratch”. His name is actually Rainford Hugh Perry but that’s another matter.

I am not an expert on this, just what I think as I sit here drinking tea!

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Allright, fair enough. Thanks

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