Questions Pertaining to Unlockables

Pertaining to the Sniper Assassin mode in particular, I noticed the 3 maps currently available each have a single rifle for 47 to use, plus 2 others for the multiplayer characters. After having grinded for hours to complete the mastery for Crime & Punishment to unlock the Arctic rifle varient which is usable in campaign. However the mastery for the Arctic rifle is clearly different than any of the other rifle masteries as it has a 2nd unlock @ level 20 which is just the rifle, listed as an upgrade. The other rifles for the game mode don’t have this extra mastery tile. So I’m wondering if any other sniper rifle can be unlocked in Sniper Assassin mode for campaign use, like the Arctic Siberian rifle? Furthermore if so, can the ones unlocked in Multiplayer be used in campaign?

The other sniper rifles from that mode cannot be unlocked, and there are no rifle unlocks from multiplayer.


That’s disappointing. Yet the grind seems just as rough for the others… More so considering the lack of players in Sniper Assassin multiplayer, not that it’s a bad mode but would be more enticing to play if special things (such as the Arctic rifle unlock) could be unlocked for campaign missions.

Yeah, that’s unfortunately the only sandbox unlock from the Sniper Assassin mode. I love the look of the black ICA Druzhina from the Hantu Port map and would have preferred this to the Arctic variant. But alas, it was not meant to be.

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