Questions Regarding Weapon Variables

I’ve been trying to verify whether or not there are (even most subtle) mechanical differences weapon varients (I.E. The Silverballer VS Silverballer mk2). While willing to conduct my own “weapons tests” (conducting tests to gather mechanical statistics (generally done for multiplayer games though)), I seen on another post the following grid - which I cannot find…

But I’d rather not conduct tests somebody may have already done and made public, to which I am ignorant of. Is there any other data gathered like this relevant to the non sniper rifle firearms and gadgets?

I don’t believe there is. I’ve seen this graphic in another post, so maybe that person could make one like it for the other firearms in the game (if they felt like it and in their free time). Or, well, anyone could do this too. But I’d check with others to get a consensus on the stats of each gun to see if there’s a majority agreement. :confused:

There’d need to be a few changes in the types of stats listed while some kept the same. Since zooming in/out isn’t an option, then maybe accuracy of aiming over longer distances could be a category. The Silverballers have the more precise aiming feature… There’s silenced, loud (regular), and very loud (shotguns, striker, el matador), auto vs semi-auto (?). And more things to consider…

eta: Same goes with explosives, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am currently working on a detailed spreadsheet for the Hitman community. I estimate its completion by December (1st week of).

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