Quick bit of help with mapping please

I’m adding items to Mumbai on hitman2maps.com and have a slight problem - I’d be grateful for help with this. The Crows building near the river has two locked doors which indicate they have a key that’ll open them.

Where is the key (presumably one) that opens these doors?

It’s not the “Hideout Key” that is found in the Crows’ Armory.

If it helps give some urgency to the matter I’m still green in the SA indicator at just under 5 hours in the saved game and there’s an unconscious body outside the back door of this building . . .


My guess is that maybe it is on the Maelstrom or in the house that he goes to when you raise the flag

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Discord member pointed me at the key, which was in fact being carried by the bloke I left unconscious outside the back door . . . doh . . .


hitman2maps.com is so useful, thanks for taking the time, it really is an asset.


You are most welcome! @mkoch227 is the main man.

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