Quick Question About Hostile NPCs


Is it possible to kill every single hostile NPC in a map, such as security guards or the Delgado sicarios? I’m asking because I’ve come up with a potential challenge inspired by bigMooney06’s Kill Everyone Challenges, except the challenge is to only kill all hostile NPCs, aka the ones who are armed. Is this possible, or do they respawn infinitely until there is no one to alert them to your crimes?


It’s possible. There’s only a limited amount of them in each map.


Ah, okay, thanks. Must be a HELL of a lot of guards on the Isle of Sgail then; they just kept coming, and coming, and coming


Yes. Every map has an amount of npcs.

There is no such thing as armed npcs or civilians spawning in a map after you kill some of them. The npcs that are in the map as you spawn in are the only ones that you’re going to see.

Npcs do not respawn or spawn in after you start anywhere. An exception to that is of course in Hawkes Bay, where you have to insert a dongle to a computer for Alma and the crew to get to the house.

The only time someone spawn in a map can only happen after you kill every npc in Isle of Sgail, knights will spawn on plinths.


Thanks for the info. Quick question: which of the maps do you think will be the hardest to do this challenge on? Obviously not Hawke’s Bay, due to the small number of armed NPCs on that map


This is if you’re only going for armed npcs.

Isle of Sgail first and Santa Fortuna second, those have most armed npcs in some tough places to kill them without alerting the whole map and surrounding you.
Killing the street soliders in the village in Santa Fortuna would be a good challenge to start with.


An easy way is to find an NPC that will find a weapon in a secluded place. You can draw them in with a distraction, or they might have a route that passes that spot. They will go fetch a guard to pick up the weapon, then you can proceed at your discretion.

This is something I’d rather do than taking out the harmless NPCs too (i.e. Kill 'em all).


It’s not advisable to do this on the Isle of Sgàil map because people have had problems with it causing performance issues, however, that could be largely due to having a lot of ragdolls concentrated in one area. The challenge isn’t very difficult to be honest. Take Hokkaido for example. You can just hide in the director’s office, the surgery control room, the security office, one of the suites, etc. Basically, any room with a single entrance. The armed NPCs will keep coming until you need to move to a different area, where you just rinse and repeat.


I should add that after completing all of the H2 challenges, I now only occasionally bother to do this on the Patient Zero Hokkaido map, for the simple reason that you can earn about 8,000 XP in 30 minutes. As the levelling system is currently a bit pointless, I’ve only done it a handful of times.