Quick question: Is it possible to give the Glue to the Hippie?

Or there is any way to make the Hippie deliver the Souvenir Bus to Franco? If so, how?

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“Is it possible to give the Glue to the Hippie?”

No, unfortunately.

To deliver the bus:

You must take the hippie disguise and bus and speak to a guard by the tunnel (near the hostel)


Damn. It should work like the posion food deliver to General Zaidan in Marrakesh.

I want to do it SA/SO in master and to save some time, any suggerence to kill Franco without using the Circuit Board? It takes too much time

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I used the circuit board for my SA/SO master run. Outside of that, I’m unaware of any strategy.

I thought the same thing when planning mine, and we are not alone.

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If you have a keycard (or one of the bypasses) you can get into the caves and place the poisoned bus in your suit, but it’s hard to do without being spotted. It worked for me on professional at least, but I had to do a lot of saving/restarting and I imagine it’s trickier still on Master.

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Interesting… never thought of this, gonna give it a try, thanks.

Does it prompt him to visit and try it out, though? I seem to remember attempting that strategy but nothing came of it, he just cycled around the usual places.

He visits when placing a bloody cocaine brick, so I would assume it’s part of his routine.

It takes a while though

Sorry, don’t quite follow you. To be clear on what I meant, I have a recollection that I poisoned the broken bus and placed it in the caves but nothing happened. I could be wrong, maybe all I did was poison the bus and leave it in the hippie’s apartment and I didn’t pursue the line of thinking any further. I am a bit lost, though, on how the bloodied cocaine brick fits into this, can you elaborate a bit? Cheers.

So the whole bloodied cocaine brick bit, it works (to my knowledge) the same as the souvenir bus. I recommend doing it if you haven’t, funny to watch.

Anyway, you put a bloodied cocaine brick in the same spot you would the poisoned souvenir bus. This obviously requires the coke machine being fixed prior, so that might change Jorge’s route, but it’s doubtful.

When I did the bloody coke brick, I had to wait around for like 10 minutes until Jorge came down, but he did. I was in fact in the process of getting the hippie disguise in that run because I gave up and thought I had to trigger it, but he went down before I was able to put anything together.

However, I can only speak to my bloody coke brick run. If you haven’t repaired the coke machine, maybe Jorge doesn’t go down there on his own.

During my run, I became impatient and posted here on the forums, but he eventually came down as I earlier stated. It takes a while though. Kinda like those holiday hoarders idiots finally going to the statue.

Ah, right, thanks. Perhaps the trigger for the route is also fixing the machine. I’ve just done Master Miami so am on this one next, thinking about opportunities for SASO and yes, that remote-killing idea was in my mind to check. Cheers.

If you can make a video, please do! I couldn’t figure out another master SASO strat for Jorge. Would love to watch.

You have to be patient, but you should be able to just set it and forget it. I know I’ve done it as part of a SASO run on professional.

Jorge SASO Master is easy.

Pick up the circuit board and sneak your way to the back of where the machine is. Once there, watch out for a blue guard, when he leaves, use that generators as distraction, wait for the worker to go outside, knock him out and hide the body in the container that is right there. When the second worker goes to check the generator, there is when you have to use the circuit board, and hide in the container inside that room. There you have to wait about 2, 3 minutes, when Jorge is completely alone, get out of the container y push him into the machine. Don’t go out yet, as there is a blue guard outside, wait for him to move before going out (where the generator is)

I’m trying to find another way cause that’s take too long

I just lured the pilot out of his hut and killed Franco when he came in there. That might not be very fast either but at least you don’t have to get the circuit board.

Who said it wasn’t easy? Not me. I just said I don’t know a method outside of this

I’ll be honest, personally I think suit only runs are stupid, so I don’t really care to do them more than once

No video for two reasons. One, I don’t do social media because I am a miserable git. Two, the video should be very dull given my usually-cautious style (ie, very slow). Poisoning the hippy’s broken bus toy and placing it on the plate in the caves does kill Jess Franco in a remote manner on Master level and fixing his cocaine machine is not needed for this.

thanks, I gave this a go on Master just now and it did indeed work out

Just use the good old propane tank to take out Jorge.

He never even goes in that room without the radio, either. So he’ll never discover a fixed bus souvenir.