Quick Targets

My first forum game, I hope it works. Basically you, as 47, ‘complete’ a mission that Diana (the prev. poster) gives you. Completing can be as simple as describing the way in which you killed the target. It requires creativity to come up with a mission off the bat, and describe the way in which you killed the target.

After this you write out a target and a brief description of another target, and where they are. And so on and so forth.

It goes like this.

Your mission is too eliminate Jeff Targetman, who is a professional author. He is attending a conference in his hometown of Toronto, Canada. Good luck.
I isolated Targetman and pushed him off a 5th story balcony. It was close with a guard, but I succeeded
Your targets are Andrea Target and Beatrice Target2, who are running a drug ring out of their suburban home.

and so on, and so on. Of course you can use some better ideas than these!

Lets start:
Good Evening, 47. Your mission takes place in the Grand Hotel in Hong Kong, where you need to eliminate Jakob Greene. He will be staying in the top floor penthouse. Good luck, 47.


Jakob Greene’s Penthouse was infiltrated with a Hotel Staff disguise. I brought him a complimentary bottle of wine, along with a glass laced with emetic poison. After succumbing to the effects of the poison, Greene went to the toilet a trash can on his balcony to vomit. From there he was pushed over the railing, and fell into an umbrella stand that was set up on the street below. Greene was impaled by multiple closed umbrellas.

47, your target is Argyle Price, disgraced banker. You’ll find Price at an exclusive Turkish Bath and Spa in Istanbul where he has ordered a full body treatment. Good luck.


I like this idea for a game.

I waited until 03:00 am, climbed on a drain pipe, got to the roof, jumped down from roof, onto balcony, i sneaked into room of Jakob Greene, made his alarm clock short circuit and increased voltage for the room. Then i had the alarm set to play in one minute. Jakob died instantly after trying to turn off the alarm clock. I went back down the drain pipe and left in a taxi. Jakob’s death was pronounced an accident, when his body wad found by staff the following morning.

The person above set the new target a bit too late, or the site did not update.


I was a little pushed for time :sweat_smile:


47 disguised himself as a masseur. Upon getting Price in private, I drowned him and got away quickly before anyone noticed any oddities. It’s not as good as yours.

Your target is James Stocks, the american ambassador to Italy. He is currently in downtown Venice, enjoying the sights. Good luck.


Finally the gondola steering lessons I took years ago paid off.
I took an original tourist trapTM gondoliere outfit and a lonely gondola while its owner was having his siesta. With my gondola placed right at a pier Mister Stocks had to pass, I casually waited for him and invited him to a ride “he would never forget”. With the unsuspecting victim enjoying the scenery, I navigated towards a quiet backyard canale, and a quick turn with the surprisingly agile gondola made Mister Stocks meet the fishes. The navigation stick those gondolieres use proved very handy for making sure he’d stay down for long enough to turn into a drowning victim. Terrible boating accident and those overconfident foreigners.
I left the gondola at the closest pier and after dressing back into my suit I had a glass of wine before taking the tourist bus back to the airport.

Good evening 47, your target is Miss Jane de la Rosa, one of the most influential pharma lobbyists of South America. Miss de la Rosa is currently enjoying her winter holidays at a luxury skiing resort in the Swiss alps, where she plans to meet several European politicans. Make it her last holiday ever.


This seems pretty fun, I am in!

I finally could put my Santa Suit :santa: in practical use, the holiday party at night provided a great chance for me to swap Miss de la Rosa’s gift with my ribbon-wrapped remote-triggered present box :gift:. When she returned to her room and opened the box, she got… plenty of Christmas Surprise for herself. Securities stormed into the suite on fire, while I silently walked towards my sleigh hidden in the snow-covered forest. Still got some time to send some gifts to the ‘real’ good kids.

Good evening, 47. Your target is Taylor Webber, better known as “Night Blade”, a well-known house DJ who actually has ties to the underground drug-trafficking ring in London. Tonight, a party (invitation only) is hosted in the night club “The Palace”. Taylor will no doubt play his latest remix on stage, while there might be some hidden opportunities to isolate him, but I will leave that to you. Be careful, 47. Don’t lose yourself in the surrounding of music, and make sure this will be his last gig. Good luck.



I would start by intercepting a member of the ring and I would steal their drugs. He would certainly be allowed in due to Taylor’s personal request. Assuming that Taylor would be a dealer, I could ruin/poison them before they get sold so that the buyers would be angry enough to escalate to violence towards the guy who just sold them poor quality stuff. While my target is getting a beat-down of a lifetime, I can simply walk out.

Good Morning 47, your target is politician James Barrett. His controversial racist opinions that he has voiced in the house of parliament has given him a poor reputation amongst human rights activists. Today he will be in the house of parliament, discussing immagration policies. Dozens of police officers and politicians will be present, so this will be no challenge for you. Good Luck.


Well, the house of parliament debate area is definetly way too crowded, so i would probably arrive with a small EMP Device. I would go to bathroom and make a toilet flood. Then wait for the janitor, knock him out, take his clothes and hide him in his trolley. Then i would proceed to place an out of order sign on the door and walk away with trolley. I would proceed to the basement, hide the trolley and head for either the Wi-Fi or something that controls the electricity of the place, and place EMP there. Then i would head back to first floor, and find a guard somewhere who is alone, knock him out, and take his outfit. Then to the debate room where James Barrett is, and outside of the door, turn on the EMP, destroying the electricity or the Wi-Fi. After chaos caused by this is over, i would tell Mr. Barrett that i am supposed to be guarding him for the night, and then follow him around, as he wanders the palace, waiting for the power. If we go past a water dispenser, i would probably silently say “Remember to hydrate” or something to that effect. Once he has taken the drink, he would eventually need to use a bathroom, where i would drown him in the toilet. I would then head back to the lobby bathroom, take my suit and then leave the palace in a Taxi


Hitman Angelfield

Mission 1
Mission Title: Exchange in the Cold
Targets: Argimiro Lamalfa (The Godfather) and Stella Vladimirovna Plaksina (The Agent)
Objective: Retrieve KGB documents
Location: St Petersburg, Russia

47: Ah, St Petersburg. How I’ve missed this place. The crisp, cold air. The urban landscape. The feel of a sniper rifle in my arms. Not here for a holiday, however.

My target: Don Argimiro Lamalfa , the undisputed Godfather of the American Mafia. Starting off as the Don of the Barbato family after the mysterious poisoning of his father Diego, Lamalfa led his mafia to take over all the mafia families in New York City in a matter of years. He is now planning to expand his operations to Russia, with eventual plans for global domination. Russian Mob boss Pavel Konnikov hired me to stop Lamalfa’s conquest, in exchange for Victoria’s free use of his hotel.

Secondary target: KGB agent Stella Plaksina . Plaksina has agreed to share confidential intel on the Russian Mob with Lamalfa for a price. Documents Konnikov are interested in. The two will be meeting somewhere in the city, likely at the Elegant Hotel. Taking out the Godfather of the American Mafia won’t be easy now, and won’t go unnoticed later. Konnikov better keep his word.


I noticed outside there was a delivery man outside the compound. He was there to deliver imported cigars than only Lamalfa prefers. I distracted him with an audio distraction device and laced the cigars with poison. He died two hours after the delivery was completed.
Stella proved to be more difficult to take out. I entered the restaurant in the hotel and snickers into the kitchen. Since the hotel was mostly empty, only one chef was present and he was easily subdued and placed in a pantry. I donned his outfit and slipped poison into vodka Stella had ordered before a bartender could deliver it. I then dressed the waiter back up in his outfit and set the scene so that it appeared a jar that had fallen from the shelf had knocked him unconscious.
With both targets dead I left the hotel.
Good evening 47. Your target is the Australian Johnathan Jennings, head of the Jennings group, a multi billion dollar company that specializes in incredibly addictive and harmful tobacco. He is en route to Hawaii on a luxury cruise ship. He is incredibly well protected and occupies the penthouse with frequent trips from there to the upper outdoor levels and restaurant and spa areas. Jennings is very paranoid and will take different precautions on different areas such as randomly asking for another guard, having someone taste-test his food, and not remaining outdoors for more than five minutes every six hours.
You will be infiltrating via the dock during a refueling at Guam.


I brought my trusty electric phone and My Homing Briefcase, I knocked out all his guards, and hid their bodies, and finally I used the Phone on Jonathan

47 your targets, are Jeff Osiute and Kai Osiute, They are the most notorious twins, in Russia, The client requires them to be killed in an accident

Well that was incredibly disappointing


That was the Point, I’m not trying to be professional, Also I’m typing from a mobile device

Yes, it is. I try make it interesting

I boarded the ship as a passenger and checked in into my cabin. I then headed to look around the ship, for anything that could be useful. I found the trolley of a worker, and noticed a keycard to the some staff areas on it. I took it and headed for the upstairs. The ship started moving, so it is likely that the staff will be working at the moment. I infiltrated the empty staff quarters, and from there to the locker room. I disguised myself as a sailor, and left the staff quarters. I started looking for Jonathan Jennings. I headed for the sundeck, then Jenning’s penthouse, then the restaurant and finally the spa of the ship. He was in the spa. He had an entire pool at his disposal. I went to the floor above the spa, removed a floor panel and started pretending to be an engineer, and dropped the chandelier in the spa, electrocuting him. I then put the panel back, returned the clothes unnoticed, gave the keycard to the reception, and returned to my cabin until the end of the trip. I then safely arrived in Hawaiji.

As for the one by @PercyPrimus4, i used a propane flask along with a breaching charge to kill them both instantly

Good Evening 47. Glad you arrived safely in Hawaiji. Your target is Hau Kahale, an infamous thief, a native of Hawaiji and currently in retirement. He lives in his mansion in Maui. He has very few staff, and knows every single one. He is quite careful, everything he eats or drinks, he gathers from the nature, he is armed to the teeth and his mansion and its grounds has countless traps and security measures. Good Luck 47


I arrived just down the coast from his mansion and due to the hostility of guards I approached via the jungle, as I would be seen from the beach. I entered the building via a bathroom with an unlocked window and subdued a guard to get his clothes. While most staff were enforcers, luckily there were not too many staff so I snuck into the security room and stole the tapes. From there I went up the main stairwell and got into Kahale’s office. When he left (presumably into the mansion grounds) I found a micro remote explosive and turned my attention to a cassette player. I swapped the tape (labelled, ‘heisting mix’) with the micro remote explosive. I left via a pipe that lead to the ground as guards were in the stairwell and found a hill that allowed me to see into the office. When Kahale returned and went near the cassette player, I detonated the bomb and quickly but calmly left, arriving back at my boat and completing the mission.

Good Morning, 47. Your destination today is the Rose Rehabilitation Center, a luxury rehab center in the Swiss Alps. Your target is a narcissistic and boastful B-Movie actor, Richard Young. He is currently being given VIP treatment at the center due to his money, but he is disrespectful and rude to staff. Good luck.


I infiltrated the clinic after assuming the identity of retired rugby player Mickey O’Doyle leaving him stripped and hidden in a dumpster outside

I was given access to O’Doyle’s room and learned that Young was scheduled for a session with the clinic’s acupuncturist. I knocked him out,stripped him,hid his body and invited Young in

I killed him during the session and left his body on the table

I escaped using O’Doyle’s sports car

Good morning 47,your destination is a Colonial Reenactment Village in the USA . Your targets are actors Thomas and Martha Paynesfield who portray the village mayor and his wife.

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