Ragdolls locked at a lower framerate?


Make a thread about this on the Subreddit as well. I’ll paste what I said there.

Had a look at the Giant Bomb footage, noticed that, while the gameplay is running at 60fps, the ragdoll physics seem to be operating at a lower framerate. Look at the guy who gets injected at 54:35, and the guy who gets shot at 49:30.


It’s also the crowd, I believe. If you look at people in a big crowd, you’ll see their movements are in lower fps. It’s probably to help with the performance by gaining CPU cycles.


Yep I noticed something was wrong with NPCs when I watched those Miami videos before but couldn’t figure out what.
I hope they fix that till release.It looks even more odd when you’re in a shootout with a lot of NPCs

42:29 looks really bad too


In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you’ll notice the lower fps for NPCs rendered at a substantial distance, and it is not glaringly obvious.

But then, Assassin’s Creed: Unity did not have this. It also had the largest number of NPCs rendered when considering the crowd system. Thousands of NPCs were rendered in some scenes. It’s really amazing! Granted, there were issues after release, but 90% of those were ironed out. If you play the game now, you’ll notice how amazing it looks, and how stunning the large crowds are.