Rain effects missing


I remember years back when i played HMC on an MX440 there was a cool “rain pouring down the window and casting a shadow on the floor” effect on all the windows in the game. It was also on the main menu.

But now i have a Radeon 3000 and the effect is gone. For some reason it appears only when i look in the floor in Beldingford Manor or when i shoot the windows in Randezvous in Rotterdam.

So, whats happening and is there any way to fix it other than buying an Nvidia?

Just launched Contracts on PC.

At highest settings, the rain effect on the window is static and there is no moving water. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 card.


So its the same on Nvidia. What could be causing this - drivers, Windows or what?

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Maybe it was removed in one of the updates?

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I dont think so. I had versions 101 and 174 and it was the same. I wonder if its like this on those HD console versions also?

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Batman, i didnt know youre a Hitman fan… Well if its not a bother please do check it.

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He’s an über fan!

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You can always try changing the drawing engine to OpenGL.
Open Steam Location\SteamApps\common\Hitman Contracts\HitmanContracts.ini
Change “DrawDll RenderD3D.dll” to “DrawDll RenderOpenGL.dll”

I have an NVIDIA GTX970, and for me this fixes the water animations and transparency (examples being the main menu, the fountain at the asylum and the lake and drain at Beldingford Manor) BUT…
-Videos are only heard and not seen. Instead the previous screen, such as the loading bar or loading dialog box, flashes away.
-47 doesn’t cast a shadow.
-On the levels with rain (Practically all of them?) there aren’t any splash marks on the ground from the rain.
-You can’t force Antialiasing.

I’ve tried and tried in the past to get to the bottom of this but never came up with anything. I wonder if it’s at all possible to replicate how it’s supposed to look on modern machines. :cry:

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I tested the OpenGL thing and its like HMBM47 said except postprocessing is turned off also. Damn…

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I was playing Deadly Cargo last week and noticed that this effect was acting very weird. In the strip club window, it would work depending on the angle I looked at it. Sometimes the rain would pour down the window, sometimes would be static.

I didn’t check in the other missions, but I remember that the rain in the menu screen was always static.

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Nah, it’s actually like that in The Meat Kings Party as well. (The Kill Rooms roof windows) All the missions that are raining (except for Hunter&Hunted) the rain always poured down windows. Maybe you’re mistaken the windows for the ground? Because the ground is “static” (as you put it) from the rain.

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How about the main menu? The rain water was not pouring down the window for me and was static. I posted a screenshot at the beginning of this topic.


Hm, Idk…
the photo you provided above, that’s how I always remember the main menu. I was talking about how it appeared in the missions though.

But yeah, in the ‘Main Menu’ that’s how I always remembered it


I was talking about the rain being static in the main menu. In the missions it moves, but it’s buggy. Depending on the angle I look at the windows the rain remains static. Is this a problem with the Steam version? Does anyone know?

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According to Google this only got released on Steam in 2014, and this video is from 2008. As you can tell, the rain effects were already missing.

And even further back in 2006.
At the VERY beginning, look closely at the bottom right of the screen and you will see the water isn’t moving out of the drain.



My guess is that this has always been an issue with the D3D renderer, even from release.

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This may fix it, I remember having problems with it being dx8


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You think I haven’t already tried that… :wink: (That is always in my arsenal when troubleshooting older games.)
It doesn’t work sadly. :cry:
To give a rundown:
v0.0036 - Crashes the game (Edit: Needs to run with Windows 8 Compatibility)
v0.0018 for GTA Vice City and GTA 3 - makes 47 invisible and animated textures still don’t work.
v0.0014 for Mafia - Crashes the game. (Edit: Needs to run with Windows 8 Compatibility)

Perhaps someone else will have better luck?

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That’s strange, I got it working.

I always had slowdowns without it, and now the game runs fine.

Will post .ini

SoundDll SoundEngine.dll
ScriptDll sdl_engine.dll
scriptifdll scriptinterfaces.dll
DrawDll RenderD3D.dll
SoundRender Direct Sound (SW)

ColorDepth 32
Antialias 0

StartUpperPos 0,0

InvertMouse 0

SpeechVolume 45
MusicVolume 23
SoundEffectsVolume 67

AutoDumpName dump0000.jpg
TextureResolution 0
NumSoundBuffers 64
UseEAX 0
DrawDistance 1.000000
Subtitles 1
WeatherEffects 1

DisableBump 0
GammaValue 1.000000
LevelOfDetail 2
ShadowDetail 2

Resolution 2560x1440
Window 1
VibrationMode 0
PostFilterLOD 2
WeatherMultiplier 1.000000
DisableTrilinearFiltering 1
Anisotropy 1

Found the culprit to the crashes. I needed to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode.
Unfortunately, it still doesn’t solve the issue of no texture animations.

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The D3D render is the current one IO used for Contracts. It gives ambient fog, and limits frames. OpenGL was the original choice, as it was used for Hitman 2. Rain effects were supposed to be added to many parts of Contracts, and the rain window at the main menu was one of them. However, IO has started programming Contracts on the GL renderer. Only in mid production, they swapped over to D3D. That is why on GL, it moves, and the fog is removed, because GL was the original choice of render, but IO swapped over, and doing so, they forgot to animate most rain effects on this renderer. Or due to the limit of frames on D3D, some animations do not load. GL was used for the BETA builds of Contracts. :slight_smile: