Ram usage 100% sluttering on win7 64bit

Hi im playing on windows 7 64bit directx11. When i start to play ram usage is low but after 1 hour is 100% ram usage (2x8gb rams) and the game start sluttering. What i must do? Love rhis game but i cant play.

Migrate to Windows 10.
Sad, but harsh true - Windows 7 is a past century

Yes, sad but true. With EOL coming up for Win7 you might as well take the opportunity to do a fresh install. See if that fixes your RAM issue. Consider running the Win10 DeCrapifier script over at Spiceworks during install too.

I don’t think that’s a Windows issue…

Try to check your game settings, especially those demanding CPU (NPC/Audio simulation) and GPU (Resolution, quality of textures, …)

The thing here is that your RAM gets to maximum at some point maybe because of too high settings for your PC configuration.

Try to lower game settings and seee if that resolves the issue.

Good luck Agent!

I see you wanna blowup your computer.

Ty to all of you for help. Next month the support for win7 will be close so im forced to pass on win10 (i hate it but maybe using that thing u suggested to me will remove all shits like cortana) we will see in the future. Have a nice day

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Smolajoka -

If it reduces the sting any, I want to tell ya that although it’s not actively advertised as being active anymore, you can still upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free using the upgrade tool Microsoft distributed. I moved up to 10 myself five or six months back, so it hopefully shouldn’t be any different for you. Articles like this one should get you pointed in the right direction. Good luck! =)

I think the upgrade was free until 2016. But if u say that i will try . Free is better :slight_smile:

Officially it was until 2016, yes! Although for some reason, even though the offer “ended”, Microsoft has kept the service running. I can confirm from first-hand experience it still works! =)