Random Thread About Targets V2

I am proud to see so many grabbing beers with Jorge. He really would know how to guzzle that alcohol down, huh? Ezra Berg is an interesting choice for visiting two years in a country with, what made you pick him?

-Grab a beer with Wazir Kale, he’s probably got some interesting stories to tell
-Own a business with Robert Knox, he’s done pretty well for himself (mostly)
-Burn a house down with Dorian Lang, using those Rube Goldbergian methods of his
-Drink tea with Penelope Graves
-Visit another country for 2 years with Re Thak (though I might regret this one)

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His personality just seems to ring with me

I’m sure you would be occupied for a good 5 hours or more if he is telling you stories.

Alright, fair enough.

-Grab a beer with Alma Reynard
-Own a business with Jorge Franco
-Burn a house down with Sierra Knox
-Drink tea with Wazir Kale
-Visit another country for 2 years with Re Thak

Edit: lol didn’t notice that this was about HITMAN 2 only at first, for the first game it would be
-Grab a beer with Jordan Cross
-Own a business with Viktor Novikov
-Burn a house down with Yuki Yamazaki
-Drink tea with Ezra Berg
-Visit another country for 2 years with Penelope Graves

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-Grab a beer with Dawood Rangan
-Own a business with Andrea Martinez
-Burn a house down with Sean Rose
-Drink tea with Janus
-Visit another country for 2 years with Viktor Novikov


It is fine, you can try other targets as well. Let me tell you one thing, owning a business with Jorge Franco is probably my dream.

I guess Andrea is the safest choice, huh? Her, Sophia or Athena might be safest bets. Still, for anyone who picked anyone else for that category, go and live dangerously.

Live dangerously ≠ go bankrupt and broke


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Hey, I will go bankrupt with Jorge anytime, but that is just me.

  • Grab a beer with Alma Reynard
  • Own a business with Robert Knox
  • Burn a house down with Dawood Rangan
  • Drink tea with Janus
  • Visit another country for 2 years with… does The Constant count, even though he’s not a target per se? :thinking:
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You can count the Constant, why not? Also, I see that everyone loves tea with Janus.

I mean, like I said, he isn’t a target per se. He’s more like… not… target? :smiley:

Well, the Washingtons were kind of just collateral damage in Isle Of Sgail. He was the real target, not to kill but to use him for a lead. So, I would count him, sure. Not saying the Washingtons aren’t targets, but they were side targets. He was like the primary guy, so go for it.

Overall, use the Constant if you want to. I’m not going to be strict and be a nitpicker.

  • Grab a beer with Janus, he’s probably got lots of interesting stories to tell.
  • Own a business with Sierra Knox, she has the experience and a competitive nature.
  • Burn a house down with Rico Delgado, I can imagine a drug lord being good at erasing our tracks.
  • Drink tea with Athena Savalas and get some useful investment tips in the process.
  • Visit another country for 2 years with Alma Reynard, just to flex on Orson a.k.a. Guest.
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Flex on Orson…nice one. Rico would most certaintly know how to erase his tracks, especially after what he did to the Wong guy. Guest will be extra triggered when you get back, but he’s lousy and a whining toddler anyways.

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Grab a beer with Janus (I don’t drink or do particularly wild partying, so this is near-indistinguishable from the tea party)

Own a business with Ken Morgan (he’s part of an experienced law firm, and would hopefully agree to run something legit.)

Burn a house down with Reza Zeydan (military people probably know how to deal safely with fire)

Drink tea with Silvio Caruso (why not?)

Go abroad for two years with Penelope Graves, and try and get her to deflect back to Interpol.

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Ah, trying to bring the terrorist out of Penelope. Reza most likely knows a thing or two as well since he is a general.

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