Random Thread About Targets V2


I almost chose him for tea as well, since he seems to enjoy it so much.

Still went for Graves though as I think she’d be more of an interesting conversation partner.

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He does enjoy tea indeed, even has a favorite.

-Grab a beer with Janus, since most are choosing him already.
-Own a business with Sierra Knox. Better record with partners than her father.
-Burn a house down with Maya Parvati. She’s got the same amount of experience with Rose, but not paranoid and less likely to kill me.
-Drink tea with Penelope Graves. She’s a Brit, so I assume she’ll like it. Interesting conversation partner too.
-Visit another country for 2 years with Ezra Berg. Probably the most reasonable of all the targets, would make a good roommate.

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Because drugging innocent people with halogens and dangerous drugs for a terrorist organisation is reasonable.


Grab a beer with - Sierra Knox
Own a business with - Viktor Novikov
Burn a house down with - Sean Rose (might as well get an expert, right?)
Drink tea with - Arthur Edwards/The Constant
Visit Hokkaido with - Andrea Martinez