Rangan and Maelstrom are Psychically Connected, Why?

OK. Just a short rant really. The following, in my mind, is a terrible design choice.

If you kill Vanya Shah and then call Rangan as the Kashmirian, he’ll head to his meeting with the Maelstrom on the barge, but if you intercept the Maelstrom and kill / knock him out before he gets to the barge, Rangan will just magically know that “the meeting is off” and instantly turn back up stairs.

Why? (Dear Lord why?!!!) Just have him go to the barge, wait a minute and then go back up. It’s stuff like this that makes me rage quit a playthrough. I had a plan for getting him alone on the barge, but I guess it’s impossible because reasons.


Things like these can be easily implemented via patch. What is the benefit otherwise of a so called live/online game.
Also as you mentioned in other topic regarding mission story fallbacks, they needs to be patched.
Otherwise Master of ceremonies disguise is sufficient in the level. No need for NPC also. Just add in notes that he is absent without any whereabouts on the location.

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Feels more like a crutch than a conscious design choice. I can only imagine that cancelling the meeting was easier than making a fallback without Maelstrom. But it also possible that developers never anticipated this turn of events. It never occurred to me to attack Maelstrom on his way to the meeting, since killing him at the meeting is so much easier.

It’s very easy to anticipate such things. As a developer and level designed they should.

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It’ll probably be fixed soon

Why do you think that way?
It is not a bug. So I don’t think IOI has any plans for that.

In vacuum, yes. But when you have the rest of the game to develop, things tend to get complicated very quickly. Say you’re put in charge of development and have to choose between this issue and some game ending bug elsewhere. And you don’t have time nor resources to do both. What would you choose?

That was a quick reply to read my post and type yours. It was about 20 sec gap between your post and mine. Are you sure you are human?
Or did AI started to take over humanity?

Can I answer yes to both of those?

But if we really want to dig into the “why” of it all. I have a hypothesis. There is probably a game wide system that resets targets to their default routes once mission story that offset their path in the first place has been failed for any reason. Then killing Maelstrom before meeting would automatically fail this particular mission and reset Rangan to his default state. And creating a fallback for this particular edge case would require some kind of special exemption. Not undoable or even all that hard, but it still would require time and resources that probably were allocated elsewhere.