Rank the HITMAN Games


#6 Hitman: Codename 47
#5 Hitman: Blood Money
#4 Hitman: Absolution
#3 Hitman: Contracts
#2 Hitman Season 1
#1 Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Codename 47 goes last despite being my first game of the series simply because it’s showing its age by now. It’s still a solid game with some great missions (The Lee Hong Assassination, Say Hello to My Little Friend and Traditions of the Trade still hold up), but you can definitely see it was still trying to figure out properly how to get things working.

On the other hand, the sequel is my favorite because it built up on a solid foundation to create something fantastic. Story-wise, it takes advantage of the big reveal from C47 and how that affects 47. Gameplay-wise, it’s just an amazing follow up all around. It still keeps the transitionary missions to give you some really satisfying hits and some breathing room (though I will acknowledge the wacky Hidden Valley/At The Gates AI can be a pain), and the actual hits are generally pretty great. Anathema, St. Petersburg Stakeout, Invitation to a Party, Tracking Hayamoto, Shogun Showdown the entirety of the Malaysia and India missions… It just has a lot of good stuff. While I do have my issues with parts of it, going back to the game pretty much feels like coming home, y’know? It just feels right.

And I won’t go on detail for the rest in the middle, I’ll just say Blood Money just doesn’t drag me back in that often, Absolution might be flawed in some ways but it’s still a pretty great game that’s pretty polished, Contracts is memorable and all but you can feel the time constraint issues, and Hitman S1 still feels like part of a bigger picture, but HITMAN as a whole with 3 seasons could easily topple Hitman 2. Still hoping for a location large and away from civilization enough to give you the feeling of satisfaction that Say Hello to my Little Friend and Shogun Showdown have when you finally get the target.

  1. Blood Money (best music, the newspaper rating system rocked, the weapon customisation was fun, the mechanics and AI were always consistent - also it nailed the “renaissance man” vibe of Agent 47)

  2. Hitman Go - perfectly conveyed the methodical approach of Agent 47 inside a format which ultimately could have been reductive. I actually feel the music feels more Hitman than the Bond wannabe nonsense of Hitman 6. Also anytime a fail state/alert is achieved, it feels fair and warranted…never due to inconsistent AI *cough Hitman 6

  3. HITMAN (2016) - Best Level design in the series, shame about the AI and the backward rating and weapon unlock system

  4. Hitman: Contracts

  5. Hitman: Absolution

  6. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

  7. C47


1 - Contracts.
2- Blood Money
3- HITMAN 2016
4- Hitman 2 :Silent assassin
5- Absolution

I haven’t played C:47 enough to rank it. I find it hard to believe it would be below Absolution.


Did he say Absolution is no.1? :joy:


Debatable. 20 characters


I can’t believe actually people putting C47 above Absolution.
Anyway here is mine.

1: HITMAN 2016
2: Hitman Blood Money
3: Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
4: Hitman Contracts
5: Hitman Absolution
6: Hitman Codename 47


I can’t believe people putting Hitman Blood Money above Hitman GO.


i can’t believe people putting mobile games in this list at all.


Hitman GO is the greatest video game of all time.


Well,not trying to sound like I’m hating Absolution too much but I actually had more fun playing Codename 47 than Absolution (btw I played C47 after Absolution so no,it’s not nostalgia) and I replayed it more times.

It is very old but personally I think it’s an underrated game and there’s a lot of fun to be had with it.


The mobile games are still better than Blood Money.


Me too (20 characters)


I had fun with all of them but Here is my list (from Most enjoyed to least enjoyed but all of them were fun)
Number 1 Blood Money
Number 2 TIE C47 or Contracts
Number 3 Absolution ( I need to replay it to be sure)
Number 4 TIE Silent Assasin and Hitman

  1. Blood Money
  3. Contracts
  4. Absolution
  5. Silent Assassin
  6. C47

  1. Absolution
  2. Blood Money
  3. Contracts
  5. Silent Assassin


Really surprised by these results, particularly given some of the issues with H6. I’m guessing there are some who voted for it who may not have played all the games.
Story-wise it’s far from the best, and gameplay-wise there are some serious fallbacks. Add that to the fact it’s hard to believe the “best” Hitman game is the one without a soundtrack by Kyd.

For me it’s always been either Contracts or Silent Assassin, which perfectly captured what this series is about. H6 brought us closer to this experience after Absolution, but in it’s current state I find too many shortcomings in it to justify propelling it to the top.

It’s still an excellent game.


Bald Man Simulator 2016.


I haven’t read any posts in this thread yet (apologies) and I also haven’t voted… but I felt the need to express my opinion, because I hate this question and I want to explain why.

It all boils down to one fundamental thing; I’m really not certain of the basis upon which I would make this decision. The only reasons I could rank past titles lower than Hitman 2016 would be based on the technical superiority of the newest title, but this is only a factor because of the limitations that existed at the time each game was developed. Each iteration of Hitman brought improvements to certain mechanics and systems and controls, and of course graphics etc. but are those the only criteria by which we rate the quality of a game?

The latest Hitman is a phenomenal game for a billion obvious reasons I won’t bore you all with; it’s not perfect, but I f%$£ing love it! Primarily though, it’s a modern game with beautiful visuals, which takes advantage of modern technology, and the controls are an absolute dream.

In contrast, Hitman 2 for example is rather aged and clunky; it was released in 2002 ffs. The controls aren’t even close to a dream, the AI is crazy and the graphics, though good for the time it was developed, are not gorgeous DX12 tessellated eye candy. Does that make it a worse Hitman game than Hitman 2016? No, not at all. I love Hitman 2, it has it’s own feel, it’s own place in Hitman lore and a fond place in my memories of the franchise.

I recently revisited Hitman: Contracts. A game I haven’t played for a very long time, though I remember it very well (and actually, though not a story I’ll tell here, was the game that really truly made me fall in love with the franchise). Again, compared to the latest Hitman, the controls are clunky and the ballistics are weird, among other things… Returning to it after such a long time, it just feels odd and old. But it took me only a few minutes to become familiar and comfortable with it again, and it all came flooding back… The environments, the level design, the music, the eerie dark atmosphere. In a strictly technical sense, it is inferior to Hitman 2016, but it still has the power to send tingles down my spine, to engross me in the story and the character, to feel the epicness of being that chameleonic assassin and the personification of death and fate, in a way that the 2016 Hitman never has.

For example, the slow walk in the winter cold in the “The Bjarkhov Bomb” when the music kicks in and you’re disguised as Fabian Fuchs after having just assassinated him…


(seriously though) …and you’re making your way to your next target; the feeling is nothing short of epic.

Hitman 2016, as amazing as it is, has never, NEVER made me feel this way.

Hitman: Blood Money… I won’t fully describe my opinions of this game, because I would go on forever and words don’t do it justice. Instead, watch and listen, and just take in the orchestral score in this game and
appreciate what it feels like to exit a mission after performing the perfect assassination.

How can I possibility criticize that on its technical limitations!? Blood Money as work of art (and I believe video games very much are works of art) was and is a masterpiece.

Furthermore, there are quite a few things from those previous titles I’d like to see featured in the newest Hitman; human shields, hiding things in crates, the god-damn suitcase ffs! etc etc…

And I can go on ad nauseam… but I won’t. Each entry to the franchise (except Absolution, though it has many virtues, which I’ve described at length on this forum) has reasons why I love it; artistic, sentimental, nostalgic; whatever the reasons, I love them all for their own unique reasons… and that is why I refuse to vote.

My favourites are Contracts and Blood Money, without a doubt… but I also love Hitman 2. However, by way of superior technology (and the sheer amount of things you can do in it!), Hitman 2016 that is the one I now play most often.

All in all, for me at least it’s an unanswerable question, I can’t rank the Hitman games because in my mind they are simply unrankable… They were all amazing for their time, they all have a place in my heart for their own reasons.

Fundamentally as a franchise, Hitman is unique. Literally no other game on earth allows you to be a modern day professional assassin, killing high profile targets with the intention of going completely unnoticed and being completely untraceable. It’s like taking the idea of Leon the Professional and turning it into a video game (except better)… Nobody else has done it; this is it, and in all its old technologically limited forms, as well as its sparkly modern form, I love it! Add to that the main character, his origins and the dark artistic style of the franchise… No more need be said.

I rest my case.


@Kalashnikov THAT was the most accurate statement of the Hitman franchise I have ever read! You, sir basically summed up everything I was thinking about this topic and explained it into words better than I could have ever hoped. I agree with you 110%

I too could never really rate the games (as hard as I could try) because, like you, they ALL have a special place for me on their own with every single Hitman title. Graphics don’t me a thing to me. Not at all! It’s the experience that sells me. That and nostalgia is a hell of a drug lol

To this very day I still play CN47 and often get teased by friends and family saying “How can you play this? The controls/graphics are total garbage” but to be fair, they didn’t grow up with the franchise like I did haha they just don’t understand :laughing:


Funfact: Fabian calls Yurishka “russisches Schwein“, which means “russian Pig“, after he orders “Zoooop“.