Rank the HITMAN Games


Why not Blood Money though? What’s missing in your opinion?


Thank you for your kind words, really. Much appreciated! :hugs:

This speaks to the core of what I was saying really. The games are, among other things, very much an emotional experience, in the same way that other artworks are.

Atmospherically, Contracts was hauntingly eerie and macabre, and is perfectly complemented by its dark electronic musical score, which makes for a spine tingling experience. The thumping, heartbeat-like music builds up your tension as you walk towards a security checkpoint, praying your cover isn’t blown. But, again it’s not the “best” Hitman game.

Blood Money on the other hand, was a lot more epic and grandiose. 47 was portrayed more like some sort of divine being, an unstoppable bringer of death. Lots of imagery representing mortality; graveyards and the funeral etc. and a powerful, orchestral musical score to go with it, again perfectly complementing the style and feel of the game. A totally different vibe from Contracts, but equally spine tingling, in its own way. Actually, this is my favourite score of the series and I often listen to it on its own; never fails to give me goosebumps!

Oh, and I’d be remiss not to mention the masterpiece that is the Hitman 2 theme music!

Oh how I miss Jesper Kyd… :sob:
Though to be fair the HM2 theme was the Budapest Symphony Orchestra… but whatever.

…and you’re right, those nostalgia-tinted spectacles have a way of making those old graphics easy to ignore.


The difficulty.


6- Absolution
5- C47
3- H2
2- Contracts
1- Blood Money


Oh my God yeah! I miss Kyd, Hitman 2’s soundtrack was a masterpiece. As well as the others. But I totally get what you’re saying with the tension. Especially with Hitman 2 and Contracts lol the AI was so random at times, but imo made it even more exhilarating when walking passed guards. So many good memories with these games. I’ll always love Hitman!


touché sir!


I mean,I couldn’t have said it better myself. You,kind sir,have a way with words.


1 - Contracts
2 - Blood Money
3 - Hitman 2016
4 - H2 Silent Assassin
5 - Codename 47
6 - Absolution


Did you just seriously rank Hitman Go higher than 3 of the games from the man series? XD


Eh, personal preference and enjoyment back then. Right now I’d change that list up a bit since I replayed some of the games since then and warmed up to them.


:rofl: lmfao, better than Contracts on the basis of too much rain!

With all due respect to @Serious_Pony you’re entitled to your opinions. :+1:t2:


Contracts is one of the games I warmed up to. Back then it seemed at times unnecessarily dark.

  1. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  2. Hitman: Contracts
  3. HITMAN 16
  4. Absolution
  5. Hitman: Codename 47
  6. Hitman: Blood Money

I have chosen not to include games like Sniper Challenge, Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper.

It’s almost impossible to rate the game fairly today. 18 years have passed since Codename 47 came out. I’m stuck inbetween my current impression of each game and nostalgia. Through the years my list have changed and some games go up and others down and this is likely to happen again.

I love all hitman games, but not all where created equal. Here my top contender is and will most likely always be Hitman 2. It is the game where I feel IO perfected what Hitman is and should be to it’s core, where Contracts follows as a close second. Blood Money have in the last 5-6 year been my least favorit game and I still consider it to be the weakest of them all.

The thing I miss the most from the series as of now is Jesper Kyd or the very least something that sounds like Hitman music. Something H16 havnt been able to capture outside their trailers music.

The more bold and exciting gaming scores that can bring the game to life. I find the new music a bit to generic.

  2. Hitman Blood Money
  3. Hitman Contracts/Hitman 2
  4. Hitman Codename 47
  5. Hitman Absolution

There is certainly stuff that’s better in Contracts or Hitman 2 compared to new Hitman but level design and opportunities that new levels like Sapienza or Paris offer is incomparable to anything from the past

  1. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
  2. HITMAN: Season 1
  3. Hitman: Blood Money
  4. Hitman: Contracts
  5. Hitman Codename 47
  6. Hitman Absolution

Has there actually been a better video game than H2:SA!

  1. Hitman: Blood Money (still the best)
  2. Hitman™ (potentially the best Hitman ever after few updates)
  3. Hitman: Contracts (a perfect mix between C47 and Hitman 2)
  4. Hitman: Silent Assassin (Hitman 2)
  5. Hitman: Codename 47

  1. Contracts
  2. Silent Assassin
  3. HITMAN™
  4. Codename 47
  5. Blood Money
  6. Absolution

I might try and flesh out the reasons behind my rankings at a later date, but they’re based on a mixture of gameplay, atmosphere, graphics, story and replayability -both nostalgic and at the time of their release.


Yeah, it’s so hard to rank these games. I can never make up my mind and the list constantly shuffles for me too. Five mins after i decided on how to rank them, i wanted to change the list again.


yes i know what you mean, because every Title is great in its own way its so hard to rank them! But for me, Codename 47 will always have that special place in my heart, even its not the best gameplayewise :grin:
it was the first Hitman game i played and till this day i love its Story, Atmosphere, its Moneysystem, its topdown menu that doesnt interrupt the gameplay, unlike the Ringmenu from nowadays. But the most important thing C47 did: it started something great.


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