Ranking all maps! (2016/2018/DLC)

Sgail is easily the second best, just ahead of Miami and behind Mumbai for me.


I don’t want to say any one of these didn’t give me at least some entertainment so the lowest score is “Meh”. Showstopper, Situs Invertus and maybe even Landslide could just as well have gone into “Amazing”, but I think I feel World of Tomorrow, Finishline and Chasing a Ghost are better.

Likewise, The Ark Society lies somewhere between Good and Great, but I feel like the map (which is very well constructed) isn’t taken great advantage of, so I decided to put it in the lower tier of the two.

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this is my exact opinion as well

I didn’t like Sgail at first, thought it was kinda boring, but now I just love it bc of those goofy NPCs like Blake and the Butler :joy:…not to forget those musicians :grin: I think I changed my opinion on most maps while replaying them in contract mode, so my favs are also based on that…only Paris had always been my favorite…:relaxed:

Honestly, I really think sapienza isn’t the best. I see so many people calling it the best level in the franchise. I mean no doubt its a great map but I much prefer Miami and Sgail





Favourite to Play to Least Favourite to Play, a list (based on very tangible research, obviously):

Hokkaido – Situs Inversus
Whittleton Creek – Another Life
Marrakesh – A Guilded Cage
Paris – The Showstopper
Miami – The Finish Line
Hawke’s Bay – Nightcall
Sapienza – World of Tomorrow
Bangkok - Club 27
Sapienza – The Icon
Santa Fortuna – Three-Headed Serpent
Sapienza - Landslide
Hokkaido – Patient Zero
Marrakesh – A House Built on Sand
Isle of Sgail – The Ark Society
Bangkok – The Source
Paris – Holiday Hoarders
Mumbai – Chasing a Ghost
Sapienza – The Author
Colorado – Freedom Fighters

Note: I didn’t include the training missions because they don’t really have any replay value for me unless I see a quirky contract on Trending or something, and I didn’t include the sniper maps because for some reason I’m terrible at them and they anger me so.

In terms of Kill Everyone least to most fun

Isle of Sgáil - Impossible (too many bodies)
Marrakech- impossible
Mumbai - impossible
Colombia - barely possible but the village is fun
Freeform Training - can do in 10 minutes
Final Test - really like this but too small
Bangkok- fun but easy IMHO
Hawkes Bay - same as above
Paris - barely possible
Sapienza - barely possible
Miami - barely possible
Colorado - like the challenge
Whittleton Creek - Very fun but limited
Hokkaido- probably the best

my personal map ranking. anyone who disagrees gets blocked


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Every once in a while I’ll bust out a kill everyone for hawkes bay was able to pull off SA/SO except for not targets of course it’s very ninja like

Hitman 2 is easily my favorite game rn and while 2016 was the one that blew me away, I simply preferred the 2018 maps because they were consistently good

Regular maps:
11) Bangkok—Club 27. Oh man this one is so much good and so much awful. Good: Jordan cross is amazing he’s fairly sympathetic and I feel for the guy almost. Lots of great kills for him he’s very well protected and a SO run provides challenge. Bad: Ken Morgan. While his personality makes me want to kill him, his route and kills are so lame that half of my runs would just be me dropping some lethal poison on the one dish he goes to in one of the three places he goes to. Also those security cameras are such a pain if you want to get to the terminal you need a master keycard and that’s it two places or on the very well protected hotel manager. (Pickpocketing plz!). Honestly really pretty it’s bonus mission is great but Club 27 is half a mission for me.

(Goodbye all respect)
10) Whittleton Creek: Good: Janus is easily my favorite target in the reboot series. He has a goofy yet grumpy personality and the mystery of his past is fun to uncover. I love his relationship with Helen West, although that took a while to see. That being said, most of the cool kills are reserved for Cassidy. The fumigator is pretty cool and made for a great escalation and the real estate agent thing was priceless. (See what I did there?) Bad: Janus has the nurse and the Soviet symbol kill which are cool but the rest isn’t all that “memorabilia” (I’ll stop) Cassidy is also pretty boring with the whole standard bad jerky guy shtick of his. The map is also weirdly designed too but I guess it makes sense. I get tired of the identical houses and the leaping over fences all the time, although this was great for getting to know the map. Whittleton Creek is fun the first couple times but once you dig into it, it falls apart. Great mission, ok location.

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Worst to best (As a location NOT the campaign mission itself):

  • The Final Test
  • Colorado
  • Hawke’s Bay
  • Freeform Training
  • Bangkok
  • Isle of Sgail
  • Santa Fortuna
  • Whittleton Creek
  • Paris
  • Marrakesh
  • Mumbai
  • Hokkaido
  • Miami
  • Sapienza

Not counting ICA training locations or sniper maps,

Best to worst


Hawke’s Bay
Santa Fortuna
Whittleton Creek


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my-image (elusive’s tier list)

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