Rants about Hitman

Angry about something? A NPC turned just in the last second and instead of pacifying you knocked him/her out and got a witness? Someone made an impossible sniper-contract? An NPC always discovers this one body you were sure nobody would ever see? Been there, done that.

This thread is for rants about Hitman in general. Let off steam! Let it out of your system! You’ll feel better (maybe not).

47’s walk animation (his fists) too feminine?

Is it just me, or do 47’s FISTS look feminine when he walks? The way they’re clenched I mean. I think it’s because of the gap in his fists when they’re closed. It’s in every gameplay/trailer. Anyone else notice this? Maybe I’m just over speculating.


Playing a few contracts to pass the time till H3. It’s so annoying to find a sniper contract (I love those) that’s near impossible to finish SA. Why even bother to publish such a contract? Does anybody like those?

Have you played these? The DEFINITIVE, COMPLETE Sniper Contract Thread - Hitman 2 (2018) - Hitman Forum

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Yep, @Kevin_Rudd makes great sniper contracts.

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The only rant I can say is the vineyard level for contracts dose not work nor any of the challenges I hope io does not go down the rockstar does not fix bugs path