Rate the difficulty of the hitman game


I want to know how yall think about the difficulty of the hitman games. Personally i really like the new hitman games because it provides a lot of freedom. The games however also felt a lot easier compared to the earlier games.

Personally I think the one that gives the best balance are contract and bloodmoney. Hitman 2 assassin is good but the npc get suspcious way too easily. I didnt play code name so I wouldn’t know.

Which one you think give the most satisfying difficulty?

  • Code name
  • Silent assassin
  • Contract
  • Blood money
  • Absolution
  • Hitman 2016
  • Hitman 2 (2018)

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Blood Money has the most leeway in terms of freedom. Blood Money allows for elimination of witnesses via accident and does not penalize for trespassing. H2SA is the most unforgiving.



47: breathes




I can’t speak for Codename 47, as I have not played it, but I believe the games have gotten progressively easier over the years with each installment. The original Hitman 2 Silent Assassin had super sensitive AI, but this was, for the most part, addressed in Contracts. Then Blood Money REALLY fixed it, and it has only gotten easier since then, in my opinion.

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Codename 47: That game was probably the biggest pain in the ass to complete. The Lee Hong Assassination took me like at least 50 attempts before I cheesed it and used the god mode cheat to beat it. A lot of the difficulty just comes from the clunky, outdated mechanics and bad AI.

Silent Assassin: A lot more fair than the first game, the challenge of walking around in a disguise is actually pretty cool most of the time and generally when you screw up it’s your fault. That said the AI is really inconsistent here and there’s no intuitive way to figure it out - the best example of that is the Japan missions, where the guards can blow your cover from miles away but as soon as you enter the actual castle your disguise suddenly becomes perfect. Also there’s a lot of (more or less) forced sneaking sections which are just… ugh

Contracts: Here the guards are less attentive than the ones from SA, but their AI is just as inconsistent - you never know how close you can walk up to a guard without them seeing you and there’s a LOT of moments where you have to get really close to an NPC. Whether I fuck up or not seemed to be based more on dumb luck than any actual skill. Also it seemed to be the most glitchy out of all the Hitman games (maybe except for the first one).

Blood Money: Not a lot of people remember it, but that game got a lot of flack from the fans when it came out for being “too easy”. I can’t say I agree with that - sure, if I was in charge of level design I’d make some of the kills more challenging but overall I’d say the difficulty in Blood Money is fairly balanced. Hell, I’ve played every level hundreds of times and I still fuck up a lot. IMO, ditching the suspicion mechanic was a good idea - it always felt like annoying pseudo-realism (apparently this bald white skinhead can totally blend in with a bunch of radical islamists as long as he doesn’t walk up too close to them).

Absolution: I really don’t like this game, so this might get a little ranty. Absolution is really hard if you try to play it like an actual Hitman game; the most efficient way to get through most missions is to get a disguise, crouch-walk everywhere and roll from cover to cover (which apparently no one finds the least bit suspicious), occasionally walking past guards using 47’s magical “instinct” powers. It makes even less sense than H:SA (at least there the levels were big enough that you generally didn’t have to get close to the guards at all) and it looks ridiculous. Also, the levels where you actually got to assassinate someone were disappointingly easy - I got Silent Assassin on my first try every single time and I’m not even that good of a player.

I haven’t played the new games yet, but from what I’ve seen so far they do seem to have a really good approach to difficulty, where you can make the game as easy or difficult as you want it to be (e.g. by disabling the hints regarding opportunities). For now, my vote goes to Blood Money.

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Hitman Codename 47 is hard to master, but once you do it’s almost as easy as Blood Money. Once you’re in the right disguise you’re pretty much home free. The inventory system when you can pull out your weapon in a split second and use it in another split second makes sneaking optional.

Hardest is Hitman 2: SA. There, sneaking is not optional and extremely slow. Guards are very twitchy and a disguise just gives you an advantage in very precise cases or over long distances.

Absolution feels broken to me, because on easy it’s too easy and on purist it’s frustrating. Difficult to assess.

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Silent Assassin is without a doubt the hardest.

Getting too close to a guard is an instant death sentence, and I’m not even including the Japanese AI, I consider the AI in those levels to be broken, there’s no way they were designed that way.



No idea which C47 you played guys, but it’s very easy, like BM just without accidents and shit.
AI is very simple and plain here - if you pull out the gun you’re not supposed to or get caught in a hostile area, guards will attack you and your current disguise will get blamed.
Silent Assassin… Disguises, AI, suspicion meter - all of it is very inconsistent. And Contracts didn’t improve the situation.
Blood Money - I couldn’t say this game is easy, but this was definitely an improvement after two previous glitchy games. You could knock out more than one NPC (like it was in Contracts), you could kill people with accidents and still achieve SA, you aren’t punished for trespassing (and in suit you could still get SA). This kind of freedom gives you plenty of opportunities and different challenges.
Absolution - for me, this one is something like SA/Contracts but not that broken. Still, it’s well balanced and I’ve faced a lot of intresting challenges with intresting solutions.