Re-Making Contracts

So far, I have not seen a thread like this on the forum, so I thought I would make one. This thread is for people that want their contracts published on different platforms. People who would be willing to re-make contracts can come here too! Just say the platform you want your contract re-made for, give the targets, briefing and title of your contract; a picture could help, and finally, just be nice!

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Not sure, the regular contract thread did well so far for this task. But I can imagine that people who like to recreate contracts but are too lazy to play them regulary are more likely to click on new messages in this thread here.


If this pans out, I think some… rules or standards should be put in place so as to avoid more than one person remaking a contract, and some well intentioned person ends up wasting their time. As for how to do it? Perhaps provide links to old (or new) posts from the Contract Sharing Topic.

When someone volunteers, they should use the ‘Reply to this post’ (?) button, so the author of said post will know. When the Contract is remade – then the one that remade it can let the other know, and they can edit their post with the Contract ID# for whichever system it’s for.

This all sounds like ‘Teamwork’ will be involved. :sunglasses:

Potential issues?..

Having to hunt the targets down. But this can be avoided by describing the targets location. But that could get complicated in trying to explain.

Copying/redoing complications… :cold_sweat:

And, should we go ahead and copy grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors from the Briefings? (I’m guessing; Yes). One might also have to take into consideration if some words were intentionally misspelled (like a play on words or a pun, etc.)

It seems like there could be more things to consider, but I can’t think of any right now.

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I agree with this, thank you for the ideas!

Hey I was just wondering if anyone could recreate these contracts on PC or Xbox?

Many thanks to any responces :blush:

Remake/remaster Hitman Contracts!?



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I’m willing to recreate on PC, although depending on the contract requirements/restrictions, I may need a guide

@TheContractor I will recreate those on PC, do you want me to credit you in the description? As whom?

@TheContractor they’re all on PC now, I just gotta post my own run to the leaderboards :smile:

Once I do that, I’ll post it to the contract thread here.

If anyone else wants contracts “exported” to PC, @ me and I’m willing to do it. Depending on the difficulty though, I may require a guide

I’d like these recreated for ps4 and xbox @SilentWraith @007




The last one was way more difficult for me to create than to complete. I imagine it will be harder on console. Good luck, and thank you to anyone that does this! Please credit me at the beginning of the description as either Agent.Smith or Blackbeard!

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