Re:My thoughts On The Bank Level

Too many enforcers. Who agrees?

So far as this is usual office where all coworkers know each other this is not surprising.
I would’ve been suspicious to some unfamiliar bald guy wandering around in guard’s disguise in my company. Just because I would’ve known all my colleagues and this guy would’ve stand out.
And if this is a bank, which should have to have more vigilant workers this don’t suprises me twice


It’s fine, people have been complaining it’s too easy

Now Embrace of the Serpent on the other hand…

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Depends on the disguise. And I found it appropriate for the setting.

The amount of enforcers on that level is a nightmare for me, I haven’t played it too many times but I can’t get SA/SO no matter what I seem to do.

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Do you have the ICA Electrocution Phone? :laughing:

There are suit-enforcers?

Isn’t there only one such Enforcer? The one in The Showstopper near the garden?

I think the OP refers to how all the initially available disguises have usually 3 or more enforcers on the main floor.

I liked that actually. :slight_smile:

There are some, like the Sapi Detective, some Crows guards in Mumbai. H2 surely included some. I think some are in Suit trespass areas so you don’t notice them unless they spot you faster.


Ah yeah. You are right. :slight_smile:

I meant difficulty in getting silent assassin OR Regardless of enforcers, SASO. Sorry for the lack of clarity. But either way IOI should probably have expanded the forest to include the coca fields area so there aren’t so many guards in the area near the shaman hut. It would also open up more assassination opportunities.

Embrace of the Serpent have shaman disguise (in the bar) in which there are no enforsers at all. In case of SA/SO as far as I remember when killing a target with coconuts, all the guards for some reason lose their dots and you can easily take notes.

Not disguise, the shaman himself is there, stripping whom you can obtain the shaman’s disguise.

Just to clarify for those who might be looking the disguise in the bar after reading this :slight_smile:

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