Ready to pay for an elusive pack?

Me , I am ready.
Some months some targets missed due to the fact that I have other stuff than playing hitman, others because I fail the mission, stupidely. So my deal with IO would be IO prepare and sell a pack for all the old elusive targets .
Personnaly I will pay for that, with the ability to play the mission again, take pleasure to seek the scenarios, the movement of the targets etc…

I have bought all the hitman, and of course 1 & the 1&2, the expansion pack and I will be interested with an elusive target pack .

I also propose a correct price : 20$

Just some few words to thanks IO for the continuous developpement they are doing each months for the expansion pack owners. We reallly have stuff for our money.
Thanks guy


i havent missed any ETs, but it would be really cool to have an “ET Pack” DLC. especially ETs like The Politician would be really fun to replay


Absolutely never.


I would buy it. But for not more than 20. It would be nice to replay them, and its a ton of new content. Just remove the challenges for them/leaderboards so it wont affect anything from the “true” runs, and then you have more content to give around. Or even better, a wild idea that came to my mind when they released the legacy ET for sapienza;

Imagine they give us a new ET version for the DLC. Where in each location, we have one mission where we have to take out all the ETs for that location in one run? That would require extra work, would be different from the free content and an extra reason to buy it rather than to demand it for free, like some other would do. I would totally buy that straight away.


please no. video games have already abused DLC enough already


Originally I was SO against this (I still am a little to be honest) but I know it’s gonna come eventually, so… whatever.

The concept of them was already ruined the second they introduced The Legacy Targets, so no reason in trying to defend it anymore :unamused: unfortunately, IO caved and went back on their word and brought them back.

Remember This…?

It wouldn’t effect me anyway, as I wouldn’t pay for this “Pack” and I never replayed any of the previous targets anyway. So I got my Elusive experience I paid for, so might as well give the chance to other people who missed them I guess…

Have Fun.


The idea of charging for free content that was already released will never sit well with me, I don’t think that IO will do it. Just release them all if it’s that important, don’t charge for them.


If they’re in dire financial straits then maybe sell it for $5, considering its content that was already provided for free; anything more than that is not good for either the developer or community. Especially since the amount of ETs that are actually worth replaying (In H2 it’s just The Undying and The Politician so far. For Legacy maybe The Fugitive, The Deceivers, The Entertainer, The Prince, maybe one or two more which I haven’t played yet) is low.

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Why not be able to buy the ability to play all the legacy ETs whenever you want? Like they would be permanent. Then later when all the new ones are done (assuming we get any more of them :rofl:) we could buy those separately?

Also I added the word “for” to the title.

Killing the targets are one thing. Getting their suit rewards is another. As well as other items like the li’l flashy robot and explosive pen… and maybe the headphone fiber-wire (yet, we got that one with the ‘Casual’ whatever thing here just a week ago).

So there’s the Legacy Pack ETs… Would it be too early for H2 ETs? I think so. Anyway… I don’t know how they’d work out what people would get after a point when they’re not run (or rerun) anymore. But they might still want the various outfits with gloves, etc. If they don’t have a way to obtain them… Then yeah.

I’m thinking if/when that day ever comes - they could just make them free. Question is… Are they always replayable? Or are they replayable at certain times (regardless of them being completed or failed) then maybe reactivated a year later?

On one hand, I want to be able to replay ETs to get Rennesaince on their asses. On the other hand, they are a part of the content we already paid for and I don’t see the need to pay for what I already paid.

I’d probably buy it depending on the price, just to play around with them. Add some challenges and it would be as fun as the special assignments. I don’t see it ever happening though, because the people who enjoy the limited time aspect would get their pitchforks and torches ready, and IOI would be going back on what they promised.

Maaaaaaybe when they come around again in Hitman 3 I could see doing something different, since it would be a new game and it would give them an out. Heck, call them all special assignments. :rofl:

No, I’d never pay money for content initially offered for free. What IOI should do is have all elusive targets on a yearly rotation, so even if you miss one, it’ll still eventually return. They should officially scrap the “one window” part of them, some have appeared at least three times.

It was a punch in the gut to buy ™1 once Hokkaido released and see that long, long list of elusive targets I’d supposedly never be able to experience. Having them appear during a certain week once a year would retain the appeal of elusive targets while not burning late adopters.


No way, I’d never buy an ET pack. I enjoy them when they release, but even 20 ETs wouldn’t be worth 20 $.

I preordered the TM2 gold pass edition last year because I wanted to support IO and hitman, and it was weil worth it with around 370 hours played until now. But maybe 2 hours of that were the ETs.

They should remain a nice and short additional experience as a part of the base game.

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I do not understand your point of view. You would be free to not buy the pack if it is not interesting for you.
And it could give benefits to IO company AND for the players

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Why individuals are so willing to sacrifice their money for the benefit of companies?


Any of you have an idea of the number of ET has been released for Hitman 1 & 2 ?

It could be also the opportunity for new players to discover the old ET.

I propose to pay because before creating the pack, IOI would have to check if all the scenario are compatible with the new release of Hitman, so it is work, so it is time for developpers, so costs.
Maybe it is just a question of price for some people, but for me, having the pleasure to have new challenges with old ET, discover the targets, the scenario… I would give easyly at least 20$.

For others not interested, it is simple, do not buy it…

But sure that if am the only one to buy it, 20$ would be not enough , I think that we must be at least 1000 people. But 20k it is just one month of salary for 4 developpers.

(Personnaly I could go to 100$) , IOI, you can contact me :slight_smile: … I am playing on PC platform

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It’s 30 by this moment.
26 for HITMAN 2016 and 4 so far for HITMAN 2.
I think they will increase the number of H2 ETs to equalize with first season

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Honestly, i was hoping that, once HITMAN (2016) hits an “EOL” state (End of Life) IO would release the ETs in an offline mode, along with the challenges being offline capable as well. But I doubt this would happen.


charging people for something that was already free and in the game is a load of bullshit. but i guess it doesn’t matter anyway because IT’S OPTIONAL!!!111 in jim sterling’s voice

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